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DB2 Application Development Rational Developer for System z IBM DB2 and Oracle SQL and PL/SQL
SYS-ED Approach to DB2 Training Courseware for Teaching Industry Standard DB2 Training Services
DB2 Training Service Professional Distance-learning Service DB2 Curriculum - Core Courses
DB2, WebSphere MQ, WebSphere, and Rational are registered trademarks of IBM Corporation.
IBM Continues to Update, Extend, and Refine its Relational Database

DB2 Application Development

IBM Corporation has positioned its DB2 relational database as an optimized scalable application development platform. The recommended IBM-centric software implementation for enterprise, Internet, and web-enabled applications is DB2 with the Java programming language, WebSphere MQ middleware, WAS: WebSphere Application Server, and Rational development platform.



First-Use Validation
Whenever underlying database objects are altered, automatic revalidation will occur the next time an object is retrieved with its dependent objects.

Read Currently Committed
In releases prior to DB2 9.7, it was not possible to have one user read and another user write to the same row at the same time. DB2 now uses the default locking state in order that readers will not wait for the outcome of a pending write. Instead they will read the currently committed version of the row.

DB2 Tools for z/OS - Release 10

The DB2 Utilities Suite is used for controlling access to data in order to meet scalability requirements.

Tool Function
DB2 Administration Tool for z/OS Manages online schema changes and the capability to include additional columns to indexes for index-only access.
DB2 Object Comparison Tool for z/OS Provides support for the DB2 10 object types and attributes.
DB2 Recovery Expert for z/OS Provides assistance in avoiding accidental data loss or corruption and guidance in an efficient data recovery.
DB2 Cloning Tool Creates subsystem clones for testing DB2 10 during the migration process. After the migration is used to clone DB2 subsystems or DB2 tables
DB2 High Performance Unload for z/OS Provides efficient ways to unload and extract data for movement across enterprise systems or for in-place reorganizations. It is used to reduce the maintenance time for DB2 applications and increase database availability.

QMF: Query Management Facility 10

The Query Management Facility 10 provides built-in data visualizations and graphical page-based reports which extend QMF usage. A new metadata layer simplifies the underlying data model with self-service reporting and extends access to DB2 for z/OS across the enterprise.

Rational Developer for System z

Rational Developer for System z is the IBM development platform for modernizing existing assets and deploying new applications. Tools are providing which assist in the creation of relational databases: designing databases, managing schemas, and writing queries against local and remote data. Rational Developer for System z supports SQL: Structured Query Language, DB2 stored procedures, and integration of DB2 with XML.

SYS-ED staff are recognized experts in IBM 1- DB2, 2- mainframe utilities/development tools, 3- WebSphere MQ, and the hybrid commercial and open source software environments required for repurposing investments in mainframe system software and legacy programming languages.

IBM DB2 and Oracle SQL and PL/SQL

DB2 now supports Oracle SQL and PL/SQL. In order to allow Oracle applications to run on DB2, IBM has aligned the syntax and semantics with the locking mechanisms, data types, SQL, procedural language residing on the server, and the client interfaces used by the applications. In addition to its own set of library of functions for operating on data, DB2 supports a library compatible with Oracle. The DB2 engine includes PL/SQL and SQL/PL compilers. Both compilers produce virtual machine code for DB2's SQL Unified Runtime Engine. Data types commonly used in Oracle's PL/SQL have been added in DB2. When an application is ported from one product to another, the SQL and procedural language is translated from one SQL dialect to the other.

The featureset that allows Oracle PL/SQL procedures to be created in DB2 includes:

  • User-defined packages.
  • PL/SQL procedures, functions, and anonymous blocks.
  • Built-in packages.
  • Associative INDEX BY arrays.
  • Varrays.
  • Triggers.
  • %TYPE.
  • Ref-Cursors.

SYS-ED Approach to DB2 Training

SYS-ED's DB2 training challenges information technology professionals to work and learn DB2. Our hands-on training provides the foundation and experience to become productive in coding, administering, and monitoring DB2 in interrelated information technology: mainframe, Linux- and UNIX- variants, and MS Windows. How do we do it? SYS-ED has been working with DB2 since its initial release in the 1980ís and our consultancy assignments have afforded us the privilege to write DB2 text books and distribute technology assessments. What this means is that we can teach and explain the nuances, interpret IBM guidelines, and much to IBMís chagrin, point out the glitches with DB2 in hybrid commercial and open source enterprise configurations: DB2 and Java, WebSphere and Rational, and DB2 XML Extender.

SYS-ED's DB2 curriculum includes up-to-date information which reflects a consultantís hard earned swagger and the DB2 questions which clientís ask (which we encourage!) after a course is over. Application development being performed in conjunction with consultancy assignments includes:

  • Coding and testing a DB2 Stored Procedure by passing arguments and getting a result table returned.
  • Creating web applications from DB2 database queries and beans.
  • Creating Java servlets and JSP code which allows end users to enter data and query a DB2 database on a z/OS mainframe system.

In addition to DB2 application programming and database administration courses, we also teach DB2 transition, stored procedures, system performance, and disaster recovery courses.

Courseware Superior by Design

SYS-ED's DB2 courseware incorporates industry standard content and consultancy derived techniques for data modeling, debugging, performance design, and optimization techniques. The principles of adult learning are applied to content, interpreting, and translating subject matter into performance objectives, narrative descriptions, and diagrams which explain the design, program logic and underlying architecture. The courseware has been designed to utilize a variety of presentation formats: textual, tabular, diagrammatic, bullet point, and code snippets.

We review documented coding standards and then have the client select the examples, sample programs, and exercises. For example, case studies and exercises for DB2 Object and Concurrency Enhancements from the CETi Knowledge Base are available for utilization in client-specific programming courses. If necessary, we will create new ones and also provide skeleton programs. At the client's discretion, assessment validation can be administered.

Upon completion of an instructor-led course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize content for future utilization in a web-based training infrastructure.

DB2 Training Services

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IBM DB2 Environment

CICS Transaction Server COBOL Language DB2 Relational Database
FOCUS and WebFOCUS IBM Tools IMS Hierarchical Database
Java Language Programming Languages Rational Developer
for System z
REXX Language SAS Programming UNIX Administration - Technology Update
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Oracle Database Oracle Fusion Oracle SOA: Service Oriented Architecture
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Courseware for Teaching

The Computer Education Techniques courseware used in SYS-ED courses consists of student hand-outs, training aids, documented walkthroughs, and industry-specific exercises. The CETi knowledge base aggregates and analyzes information in the public domain. It is also a service for reviewing and answering questions. Content is selectively added to SYS-ED course hand-outs and training aids. SYS-ED's long-term strategy is to have our courseware recognized as a NRV: Nationally Recognized Vendor.

Concepts and Facilities
Query Management Facility
DB2 Version 8:
New Features
DB2 Database
DB2 Application Programming
Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents
Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement
Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Preface Performance Objectives Performance Objectives
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Introduction Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Scalability Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Index Index Index Index Index

DB2 Application
Programming - Advanced
DB2 Overview for
Java Developers
Java Programming
DB2 SQL for Java
Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents
Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement
Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Performance Objectives
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Index Index Index Index

DB2 Advanced SQL
for Java Developers
DB2 z/OS
DB2 Administration -
Advanced: Replication
Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents
Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement
Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Performance Objective Performance Objectives
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Index Index Index Index

Stored Procedures
Systems Performance
DB2 Connect DB2 File-AID/RDX
Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents Table of Contents
Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement Copyright Acknowledgement
Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Performance Objectives Performance Objectives
Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1 Chapter 1
Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2 Chapter 2
Index  Index Index Index

Industry Standard DB2 Training Services

SYS-EDís DB2 curriculum has been developed based upon the application of adult learning theory and the standards of the New York State Department of Education.

SYS-EDís DB2 training extends the IBM source documentation with best practices and guidelines for:

  • Utilizing DB2 in a SOA: Service Oriented Architecture environment.
  • The efficient utilization of the protocols which serve as the foundation of web services, XML, and Java use with DB2.
  • Administering DB2 in UNIX, Solaris, Linux, and MS Windows base operating systems.
  • Implementing autonomics, deep compression, and cross platform SQL compatibility.
  • Coding and debugging DB2 Java applications.
  • Upgrading to the newest version of DB2.

Portfolio of Clients

Portfolio of DB2 Clients

COBOL Language CICS Transaction Server
DB2 Relational Database Java Language
Mainframe Utilities WebSphere Family
Public Sector Training: DB2

SYS-ED has been conducting courses in the public domain since 1980; however, there have been changes in the laws and regulations governing computer training in the state of New York. The schedule on our websites reflects a projected time frame for licensure with the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and submission and approval of curriculum. It will be updated quarterly.


DB2 Training Service 
Courseware for Teaching - DB2 and Interrelated Information Technology  Distance-learning Training Service 

Web-based Training Services

DB2 Courseware Distance-learning

Web-based Training

IBM DB2, Commercial, and Open Source Software Platforms
IBM DB2 application development is broad and varied. A high percentage of applications require a database architecture, framework, language, and persistent datastore. The DB2 relational database can be used within the IBM system software and application development environment and also with open source software and other leading commercial software platforms.
DB2 Training Services
DB2 Training Services
WebSphere and Rational Training Services
WebSphere and Rational Training Services

Professional Distance-learning Service

Definition of Service
New York State Department of Education Standards
SYS-ED's distance-learning training service is 65% lecture with the remaining 35% of the service provided in the form of scheduled interactive question and answer sessions with a subject matter expert, hands-on exercises, optional validation assessment, and submission of questions through our technology exchange websites.

Enrollment is contingent upon the prospective trainee's having been qualified by our Director of Education to have the appropriate background for the training and review of a checklist of items required for transmission of the service to the client location: bandwidth, firewall, base operating system, software requirements, web browser, and set-up of hands-on machine exercises.

Alternative web-based and e-learning training is available: self-paced, presentation through the client's authoring system, or podcast. These tailored services are offered selectively.


DB2 Curriculum - Core Courses
DB2 SQL Fundamentals DB2: Application Programming DB2: Application Programming - Advanced
You will learn:
  • the relational model.
  • DB2 utilities and commands.
  • security and data integrity.
  • dynamic and static SQL embedded.
  • DB2 related products.
  • physical design and efficiency techniques.
  • data sharing and locking enhancements.
  • OOPs features in DB2.
  • DB2 tools.
  • creating objects with tools and SQL.
  • the relationships between components.
You will learn:
  • DB2 fundamentals.
  • SQL: Structured Query Language.
  • retrieval and update operations.
  • SQL functions.
  • table and view design.
  • embedded retrieval and update operations.
  • DB2 architecture.
  • locking.
  • performance.
  • EXPLAIN command.
  • QMF: Query Management Facility.
You will learn:
  • advanced SQL programming techniques.
  • dynamic SQL processing.
  • stored procedures.
  • triggers.
  • how to plan for concurrency and locks.
  • general efficiency techniques.
  • table and view design.
  • performance and tuning.
  • recovery and security.
  • the Call Attachment facility.
  • the issues with DB2 threads.

DB2: Database Administration DB2: Database Administration - Advanced: Replication DB2: Stored Procedures
You will learn:
  • DB2 and the relational model .
  • DB2 components and concepts.
  • DB2 installation.
  • how to create objects.
  • moving and loading data backup, logging, and recovery.
  • SQL for administrators.
  • how to scale the database.
  • application considerations.
  • connectivity considerations.
  • security.
  • concurrency.
  • performance measurement and tuning.
You will learn:
  • SQL replication tasks.
  • how to use the Replication Center.
  • the replication control tables.
  • replication sources.
  • how to use subscription set.
  • how to capture and apply operations.
  • how to monitor SQL replication.
  • planning for replication.
  • how to subset the data.
  • resolving operational problems.
You will learn:
  • the programming environment.
  • how to define and develop stored procedures.
  • DB2 Stored Procedure Builder
  • WLM: Workload Manager.
  • the create procedure.
  • procedure commands.
  • Recoverable Manager Service.
  • stored procedure catalog information.
  • debugging stored procedures.
  • stored procedure performance.

DB2: Programming in Java with JDBC DB2: System Performance and Tuning DB2 Connect
You will learn:
  • how to code a DB2 application in Java.
  • JDBC programming.
  • prepared and stored procedures.
  • DB2 application techniques.
  • DB2 Visual EXPLAIN.
  • dynamically discover information about a database.
  • handling errors and exceptions.
  • working with multiple operations.
  • coding programs with a scrollable resultset.
You will learn:
  • monitoring and reporting.
  • hardware and DB2.
  • processing DB2 transactions and queries.
  • thread allocation and workload control.
  • buffer pools, memory, and I/O.
  • locking and concurrency.
  • utilities and system considerations.
  • monitoring strategy.
  • problem investigation.
  • the optimizer, access paths, and EXPLAIN.
You will learn:
  • product information and facilities.
  • multisite updates.
  • DB2 Connect connectivity.
  • programming DB2 Connect.
  • accessing DB2 databases.
  • how to describe the data flow.
  • how to use the problem determination tools on the platform.
  • identifying the location and cause of problems.
  • examining local and remote access time.

Review DB2 and Interrelated Information Technology Subject Matter.

Selecting and invoking a category will provide the courses within the category. Selecting and invoking on a course will provide the audience, duration, topics, and fee.

DB2 Training ServicesDB2 Version Transition DB2 Training ServicesDB2 Database Administration DB2 Training ServicesDB2 Administration- Operating System Platform
DB2 Training ServicesDB2 Development Tools and Utilities DB2 Training ServicesDB2 Application Programming DB2 Training ServicesDB2 Performance and Tuning
DB2 Training ServicesDB2 and Java DB2 Training ServicesDB2 and CICS Transaction Server DB2 Training ServicesDB2 and IMS

DB2 Training in New York

DB2 Courses in New York
SYS-ED's DB2 courses are tough, but they're worth it. Our challenging hands-on DB2 training provides a foundation and framework for Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, healthcare providers, software houses, and consulting companies to meet their DB2 staffing requirements and acquire specialized DB2 skillsets.1

SYS-ED's DB2 courseware is highly respected. We draw upon our extensive library of courseware, sample programs, and case studies to explain, demonstrate, and teach the real-world DB2. Our DB2 curriculum include industry standard and consultancy derived content. We have the capability to provide tailored DB2 training on a variety of operating environments: z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM, Linux- and UNIX-variants, and MS Windows operating environments.

Teaching is Our Business
Most computer training companies are divisions of large software companies or consulting companies. Not SYS-ED. Our only goal is to provide quality DB2 training for highly motivated IT professionals - no more and no less. Because we're independent, we're free to concentrate on teaching - and since 1980 we have been doing it very well.

Our Teachers Know How to Teach
SYS-ED instructors combine teaching skills with broad practical experience as consultants. Our instructors average 25 years of experience with DB2 in the mainframe environment - operating systems, programming languages, 3rd party utilities/development aids, and system software. And they know how to teach it. We teach not only "how to", but "why", building a solid foundation in fundamentals and insights into advanced materials. After a course, they are available to answer questions.

Enrollment - SYS-ED DB2 Courses are NOT for Everyone
No one is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED DB2 course, without a consultation with our Director of Education. We review the operational objectives and project specifications for the organization evaluating whether to send its employee for the training. The employee is only allowed to register if they have the background corresponding to the appropriate learning path.

DB2 Training in New York, at Your Office, or via the Web
SYS-ED DB2 courses are held at our training center in midtown Manhattan and in conjunction with Technology Partners in North America and Europe. If you prefer, we'll arrange tailored DB2 training on-site at your organizationís facilities inclusive of mobile computer classroom set-up. On-site mainframe courses can include the identical workshops, case studies, and hands-on approach as the DB2 training we offer in New York.

For additional information including outlines, availability of private courses, references, and course customization, contact David Shapiro at our New York office at 212-564-9147 or register online.

Technology Exchange Websites

SYS-ED's websites compile, organize, and present software specific and established operational categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for assessing knowledge transfer in a variety of delivery formats: web-based training, classroom instruction, technology updates, courseware, learning paths, and validation assessment.


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www.rexxtrainingbysysed.us www.sastrainingbysysed.us www.vsamtrainingbysysed.us

Footnote 1:

SYS-EDís core DB2 and mainframe curriculum have been submitted to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision for review and licensing.