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SYS-ED's websites organize and present software specific and operational categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for researching information technology training alternatives: web-based training, classroom instruction, learning paths, courseware, and validation assessment.

Curriculum -
IBM MQ Curriculum | IBM MQ Questions | IBM MQ Learning Path | IBM MQ Administration | IBM MQ Programming | WebSphere Message Broker

Mainframe Curriculum | Operating Systems | Installation and Support | Operations | Programming Skills | Programming Languages | Utilities and Development Tools | VSAM | CICS | Db2 | Database: IMS | Database: ADABAS | Database: IDMS | Telecommunications

Rational Curriculum | Rational Development | WebSphere Server

Interrelated IT Curriculum | Java Programmming | Oracle Application Server | Oracle Database | Oracle - Solaris | Oracle - WebLogic Server Administration | UNIX Administration | XML
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1. Computer Education Techniques 2. NYS Department of Education 3. Course Search Engine 4. Definition of Service 5. Resources 6. News from SYS-ED 7. Warranty of Service  8. Mainframe Course Evaluations 9. Mainframe Training in the Public Sector 10. Premium Mainframe Training Services - Computer Associates, Compuware, and IBM 11. Mainframe Experience - Financial Services -1980's 12. Mainframe and Interrelated IT Experience - Healthcare Providers 13. Mainframe Courseware for Teaching: Requests - n1, n2, n3, n4

Mainframe Training
1. Mainframe Training Services - Common Questions 2. Learning Paths >> Big Data >> CICS Transaction Server >> COBOL >> Db2 >> IMS Transaction Server >> REXX >> VSAM >> IBM MQ >> IBM z/OS Mainframe Environment  >> IBM Operating Systems

Software Technology and Trends
1. Cloud Computing 2. Database Software 3. Internetworking - MS Windows, Linux, and UNIX 4. Linux and UNIX 5. Mainframe Virtualization 6. Web Browsers and Mobile Devices
Information Technology Curriculum -
1. Fundamentals and Operating Systems 2. Business Applications 3. Apple Platform 4. Networks 5. Internet 6. Web Servers 7. Linux 8. UNIX 9. Programming Languages 10. Java  11. .NET 12. Application Development 13. Mainframe: z/OS, z/VSE, z/VM 14. Db2 15. Client/Server Database 16. Oracle Platform 17. Big Data 18. Mobile Devices 19. Cloud Programming
1. Evolving Business Model 2. Standards for Student Handouts 3. SYS-ED Courseware 4. Courseware for Teaching 5. Courseware Library 6. Courseware Licensing
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1. Web-based Training by SYS-ED 2. Distance-learning 3. Quality of Service Bandwidth 4. Classroom Management Systems 5. Bi-directional Communication
Private Training
1. Selection of Delivery Medium and Subject Matter 2. Training at the Client Location - Cost Analysis 3. Web-based Training - Cost Analysis
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I. Training Programs II. Experience III. Quality Control
COBOL | Java | Mainframe Entry Level | Mainframe Operations and System Programming

UNIX | UNIX Operations and Network Administration | UNIX Application Development | UNIX Scripting and Programming | Red Hat Linux | SUSE Linux | Ubuntu Linux | Training Programs - New
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1. Instructor Training and Continuing Education 2. Knowledge Transfer Foundation
Experience and Expertise
1. IT Consultancy Services 2. Recognized Experts 3. Tailored Training: n1, n2, n3qa n3ap  n4, n5, n6  4. Mainframe Specialized Training: CICS Transaction Server - Maintenance, Repurposing, or Modernization, CICS Transaction Server - Reliable Message Queuing, Code Migration and Scripting, Db2 - Client-specific Training, IBM Legacy Programming LanguagesIBM Tools - Best Practices, Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools - Integrated Exercises, IBM MQ Middleware - Application Development, and Rational Developer for System z

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Courseware for Teaching
SYS-ED mainframe courseware and reference documentation addresses areas of information technology where there is a scarcity of up to date textbooks. They provide concise practical information inclusive of technology updates in increasingly hybrid proprietary and open source software environments.

Technology Driven IT Training
City of New York Department of Small Business Services

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NYS Higher Education City of New York Department of Small Business Services

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Distance-learning Service
Mainframe Curriculum
CICS Transaction Server Db2 Relational Database
IMS Transaction Server Programming Languages
VSAM IBM MQ: (WebSphere MQ)
Not all mainframe courses are well suited for presentation in a distance-learning delivery medium - e.g. mainframe operations, system programming, database implementation, and middleware administration. Certain courses only will be conducted in a web-based delivery upon request and after a consultation with the client.

Prior to scheduling a course in a web-based delivery medium, SYS-ED requires that the transmission medium, quality of service, and security mechanisms be evaluated and tested.

Courseware as Learning Center
z/OS JCL - Basic Mainframe Training Programs
Courseware and Reference Documentation
SYS-ED's mainframe courseware has been developed for teaching up to date mainframe subject matter. There is no NRV: Nationally Recognized Vendor for IBM mainframe operations, programming languages, and system software.

Upon completion of a instructor-led course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize subject matter for future utilization in a web-based training infrastructure.

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