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Web Server Training  SYS-ED SYSED

Why SYS-ED for Web Server Training



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Why SYS-ED for Web Server Training
SYS-ED's web server courses reflect experience in evaluating, administering, and optimizing proprietary and open source web server software. The foundation of the web server expertise is an outgrowth of our work in the 1990's with network operating systems, programming languages, databases and client/server application development. This software in conjunction with advancements in hardware infrastructure and middleware had Fortune 1000 companies requesting us to install and teach first generation web servers in conjunction with IBM MQ. Accordingly, we emerged as a premier source of training for proprietary web servers - IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic and Oracle Application Server, and Microsoft IIS and the major open source web server alternative - Apache Web Server and Tomcat. Although there is a commonality to the functionality associated with the web server software based upon the underlying protocols; there are differences in each implementation. Our web server curriculum teaches industry standard content for domain configuration, fault tolerance, and load balancing with clustering, security, and performance tuning. We provide educational consultancy and highlight what does not work as advertised, along with performance guidelines.

Web Servers and Hybrid Software Environments
SYS-ED is a recognized leader in teaching scripting in mixed open source and commercial web server and database software environments.

Implementation Proprietary Software Hybrid Integration of Software Open Source
MS Component Software MS Technology WIMP WAMP LAMP

Operating System

Windows Server Windows Server Windows Server Linux


IIS and SharePoint IIS Apache Apache





In addition to its .NET and Windows development platforms, Microsoft for the first time has been promoting the coexistence of two software stacks. There are indications that Microsoft is treating OSS: Free Open Source Software as an independent product to be integrated into the MS Windows ecosystem through Active Directory with PowerShell, System Center system management, and SQL Server.

SYS-ED staff of system consultants have scripted with WIMP, WAMP, and LAMP and open source Bourne, C, Korn shell and Perl and coded, debugged, and implemented Java and proprietary SDKs on the major web server platforms. Few software or consulting companies have been providing web server courses and training services longer or conducting better than SYS-ED.

Cloud Computing
Data centers contain large numbers of clustered web servers; geographically dispersed data centers are linked through a high speed private network. Data centers support applications and services accessed over the public Internet and utilize computing power on demand. Most clouds currently operate in isolation; however, protocols, data structures, and formats which allow cloud interaction are being defined and tested. Interfaces are being developed in order that clouds can communicate with other clouds and data be synchronized across different clouds. As services are being enabled to run on cloud platforms, web servers become more important to application development and the processing and transmitting of data and digital content.

Web Server Courseware
SYS-ED's web server courses utilize industry standard textbooks and consultancy derived hand-outs, examples, skeleton programs, workshops and training aids. The collective efforts of our subject matter experts are managed by IT professionals with multidisciplinary skillsets in information technology, graduate degrees in computer science, management, business administration, and authoring textbooks. The classic principles of adult learning are applied to the content, interpreting and translating subject matter into performance objectives, narrative descriptions, and industry-specific examples. The courseware utilizes a variety of presentation formats - textual, tabular, diagrammatic, hyperlinked summaries, and code snippets - for use in instructor-led classroom and distance- and e-learning formats.

Web Server Training Programs
SYS-ED offers integrated web server training programs for Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers.
MS Internet Information Server and SharePoint Oracle Web Servers: WebLogic Server and Application Server

Component web server subject matter can be incorporated into a programming language training program. In conjunction with presenting a private training program at the client location, courseware is organized for subsequent utilization in a distance-learning delivery medium. This service is performed free of charge.

Knowledge Base and Submit Web Server Questions
SYS-ED reviews information in the public domain distributed by software companies, international standards committees, and purveyors of open source software. We perform our own independent analysis and assessments of benchmarks for software updates and new products. Vendor documentation and third party content is interpreted and selectively incorporated into our courseware and training aids. SYS-ED clients are invited to submit web server questions. Our system consultants and technology partners answer, explain, and where applicable reference source documentation. Questions are reviewed and answered on a first-come/first serve-basis. This service is available through our software specific websites: WebSphere, WebLogic, Oracle, IIS, and UNIX and Linux - Apache and Tomcat.

Educational Consultancy and Value Added Service
SYS-ED recognizes and differentiates between industry standard content and educational consulting. We review documented coding standards and then have the client select the subject matter, examples, sample programs, and exercises from our courseware library. If necessary, we will create additional courseware and provide skeleton programs. At the client's discretion, assessment validation can be provided. And if available, new classroom technologies can be utilized.

Consultation Prior to Accepting a Training Assignment or Enrolling an Employee in a SYS-ED Course
It is standard operating procedure to schedule a telephone consultation with our director of education. For organizations evaluating whether to send an employee to a SYS-ED course, we will require that a profile form be completed and submitted both by the manager and the employee who will be trained. It is our prerogative to ensure that the employee has the prerequisite background for the training. Not everyone is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED course.

New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
SYS-EDís core web server courses are being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.