Why SYS-ED for MS Internetworking Training

Why SYS-ED for MS Internetworking Training

Why SYS-ED for MS Internetworking Training



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Why SYS-ED for MS Internetworking Training
SYS-ED has over 25 years experience in Microsoft operating systems and networks. We have implemented each generation of Microsoft clients - DOS, OS/2, Windows for Workgroups, NT, 95, ME, 98, XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, and Microsoft servers - LAN Manager, Windows NT Advanced Server, Windows 2000 Server, and Windows Server 200x. The foundation for this consultancy work was the experience of our staff: university degrees (theory), mastery of the international standards (OSI and ISO), first generation UNIX experience (TCP/IP), and longstanding work with IBM mainframe system software (SNA). This augments Microsoft Corporation certification. In response to requests by Fortune 1000 companies and government municipalities, SYS-ED developed and taught integrated Microsoft operating system, networking and BackOffice curriculum. These courses presented subject matter, walkthroughs, exercises, and performance optimization selected by the client organization. They have been updated to reflect the expanded featureset and the Microsoft desktop and mobile device software. Additional curriculum were developed to meet the demand for Microsoft internetworking with UNIX and Linux servers and commercial and open source software web servers. In order to address the uneven demographics associated with the age and configuration of the client hardware and versions of the software in use, SYS-ED courses combined industry standard and tailored modular content, inclusive of client specific examples and exercises. Scripting and application development courses were also developed. Few consulting or training companies have been doing MS operating system and internetworking training longer or better than SYS-ED.

MS Networks and Internetworking Courseware - Microsoft, Linux, and UNIX
An important component in the delivery of the training was the development of courseware, training aids, tailored prototypes, and exercises for a range of configurations - Microsoft Windows family workstations and servers and now increasingly with Linux and UNIX-variants. SYS-ED courseware incorporates industry standard content and consultancy derived techniques for installing, administering, and optimizing Microsoft's implementation of Active Directory and open standards. The collective efforts of our subject matter experts are managed by technologists who have multidisciplinary expertise in information technology, textbook authoring, and degrees in management and business administration. The classic principles of adult learning are applied to the content, translating subject matter into performance objectives, narrative descriptions, and diagrams which explain the architecture, demonstrate the administrative tools, and provide troubleshooting guidelines. The courseware has been designed to utilize a variety of presentation formats: textual, screen captures, diagrammatic, bullet point, and code snippets. Our courseware library has been incrementally augmented, revised, and maintained.

MS Networks and Internetworking Training Programs
SYS-ED offers integrated training programs in Microsoft operating system configuration, system administration, performance design, scripting, and application development for Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers.

MS Operating System Workstations MS Servers
MS IIS and SharePoint Server MS Scripting

Client- to Server-Side Scripting UNIX and Linux Scripting and Programming

Component courses from a UNIX and Linux training program can be incorporated into a MS training program. In conjunction with presenting a private training program at the client location, courseware is organized for subsequent utilization in a distance-learning delivery medium. This service is performed free of charge.

Knowledge Base and Submit MS Internetworking Questions
SYS-ED reviews information in the public domain distributed by software companies, international standards committees, and purveyors of open source software. We perform our own independent analysis and assessments of benchmarks for software updates and new products. Vendor documentation and third party content is interpreted and selectively incorporated into our courseware and training aids. SYS-ED clients are invited to submit Microsoft operating system, networking, and internetworking questions. Our system consultants and technology partners answer, explain, and where applicable reference source documentation. Questions are reviewed and answered on a first-come/first serve-basis.

Educational Consultancy and Value Added Service
SYS-ED recognizes and differentiates between industry standard content and educational consulting. We review the client's network design, workstation and server hardware configuration and the version of Microsoft servers and family of Microsoft workstations that have been installed. We then have the client select the walkthroughs, examples, and exercises from our courseware library. It is our standard practice to model and configure the networked training environment to the client's operational requirements. As part of this process, will provide a training plan in writing. At the client discretion, assessment validation can be provided. And if available, new classroom technologies can be utilized.

Consultation Prior to Accepting a Training Assignment or Enrolling an Employee in a SYS-ED Course
It is standard operating procedure to schedule a telephone consultation with our director of education. For organizations evaluating whether to send an employee to a SYS-ED course, we will require that a profile form be completed and submitted both by the manager and the employee who will be trained. It is our prerogative to ensure that the employee has the prerequisite background for the training. Not everyone is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED course.

New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
SYS-EDís core network operating system courses are being prepared for submission to the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.