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Training Room Configuration


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Technology Driven Information Technology Training

Technology Driven Training - Classrooms

Technology Driven Training - Classrooms

Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

Teaching Models

Statement of Policy

SYS-ED's policy with its training service is to utilize the computer equipment and software in place at the client location. Guidelines and written instructions will be provided for the training room resources, student and instructor workstations, and machine exercises.

Enrollment requires a consultation with the manager sending the employee for the training. The prospective trainee needs to be qualified for the course and service transmission to the client location tested: bandwidth, firewall, base operating system, software requirements, web browser, and set up of machine exercises. SYS-ED reserves the right to deny enrollment in its courses.

Training Room Resources

A standard training environment will consist of a:

Training Room Resources Desktop workstation, laptop, or mobile computing device for each student.   Training Room Resources Networked training room - hardwired or wireless.
Training Room Resources Networked client/server workstation and mobile devices.   Training Room Resources Student workstation - web browser configuration with Internet access.
Training Room Resources Networked printer.   Training Room Resources 3270 terminal emulation access.
Training Room Resources Instructor workstation with connection to a video projection system.   Training Room Resources BYOD: Bring Your Own Device standards for iPhones, iPads, and Android smartphones, and MS mobile devices.

The assumption is that one of the three leading web browsers will be used: MS Internet/Edge, Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome can be utilized. At the client discretion, an alternative web browser can be used: Apple Safari or Opera.

The instructor will require a user ID and password to the instructor workstations, Internet access, and administrative access to the workstations.

Training Rooms and Content Delivery

Training rooms can be configured for distance-learning, web-based, and classroom instruction. A standard configuration is performed free of charge.

For tailored client-specific training room configuration, there will be additional charges based upon the number of workstations, software loading and configuration, and the hardware required for delivering the distance- and web-based training service.

Web Apps and Computer Applications

In web apps and computer applications courses the mobile computing device or desktop computer are configured with Internet access: update downloads and client-specific use of open source software.

Content Delivery Selection

Content Delivery Selection


MS Operating Systems and Networks

In Microsoft operating system, server, and internetworking courses, the servers and workstations are configured with the client's licensed software or trial software available in the public domain.


Linux-variant Server

The servers will be configured with the Linux- and open source software specific to the client organization. SSH is used to access MS Windows clients.

Technology Exchange Websites

SYS-ED websites compile, organize, and present industry standard and software specific categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for assessing knowledge transfer: web-based training, classroom instruction, courseware, learning paths, and validation assessment.