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Rational Developer for System z

IBM's Rational Developer for System z is a superset of Rational Developer. It provides for cross-platform interactive testing, debugging, and deployment of JSP, EGL programs, servlets, page handlers, UI applications, EJB, and HTML files on local and remote Web application servers. Comparable capabilities also are available for testing and debugging COBOL, PL/1, C, C++ and Assembler applications on z/OS CICS, IMS, batch, DB2, and UNIX system services.

The bundled offerings included in IBM Rational Developer for System z allows developers to design, develop, analyze, test, profile, and deploy web, SOA, and Web 2.0 applications. It also provides the capability for deployment to other runtime platforms.

SYS-ED workshops explain and demonstrate Rational Developer for System z on multiple platforms:

  • Web development

  • Java development

  • J2EE platform development

  • z/OS and UNIX system services development

  • Windows development - Windows-based development and mainframe-emulated development

  • Composite development

  • Web services and XML development

IBM Rational and Mainframe Utilities Development Tools

RAD 7 provides the capability to utilize File Manager from the File Manager Integration component. An update template wizard allows existing templates to be updated with new data structures while maintaining the existing modifications. A File Manager History view is available through the Formatted Data Editor; it allows users to keep track of previously opened datasets. RAD 7 supports the sorting of dataset records. Customizable visual cues have been added to identify new and changed records.

The IBM Rational Developer for System z interface for CA Endevor Software Change Manager Repository Access Manager provides the capability to access and edit software assets stored in CA Endevor SCM projects. RAM: Repository Access Manager is used by a CARMA: Common Access Repository Manager. When the CARMA RAM is available and configured on the host system, a connection can be made to a CA Endevor SCM project through the CARMA plug-in of the Rational Developer for System z client. This interface can be used to retrieve an element from a CA Endevor SCM repository to a PDS by right-clicking on the element and select Extract to Remote Project.

CETi Technology Partners are monitoring the developer discussion groups and evaluating the known bugs and bug reports. Additional information is available on SYS-ED software specific websites: CICS, COBOL, DB2, IMS, Java, WebSphere, and WebSphere MQ.