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Networked computers and interrelated technology such as interactive whiteboards, document cameras, and desktop management software can extend the capabilities and reach of a traditional classroom interactively to multiple locations.

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Interactive Whiteboards

Utilizing a PC or Apple - Mac and a projector, the whiteboard can be used to present and collaborate interactively. Interactive technology enables controls of computer and course content. A computer workstation will need to be connected to an LCD projector as well as to the whiteboard itself. The most common projectors used with interactive whiteboards are front projection, with the projector placed about 10 feet in front of the board. This necessitates having wires running along the classroom floor to the whiteboard. Some whiteboards have wireless access: RF or Bluetooth. There are whiteboards with rear projection; and short-throw projectors that are mounted on an arm atop the whiteboard. Interactive whiteboards can be as small as 2 feet by 3 feet to more than 8 feet wide and can be freestanding or wall-mounted.

Capability Explanation
Output device Connected to a computer and LCD projector, whiteboards allow images on the computer screen - text, photographs, drawings charts, diagrams, and video - to be shown. New projects and edits to existing materials can be saved for future use.
Input device Allows a whiteboard to be written on. The combination of input and output through a single device is a mashup. Instructors and students can make annotations, draw, take notes, and highlight important information.
Finger as a Mouse Control With a computer workstation connected to the white board, the instructor's finger becomes the mouse. This provides the capability to scroll through pages, access menus, and run programs while standing at the board.
Save and Print Whiteboards can be enabled to provide the same options as a computer; printing and saving as a graphic file, PDF, or MS Word file.
Record It An entire sequence of events in a video can be saved. A lesson can be recorded for review or utilized by absent students.


Whiteboard Manufacturers

Dukane Dukane LeaderBoard 77H and Learner Board 77S
Hitachi Hitachi StarBoard FX-Duo-77
Interwrite Learning Interwrite Board and Interwrite Workspace
Numonics Numonics Intelliboard Pl-1500 LCD Tablet Monitor
PolyVision Walk-and-Talk boards
Promothean Activarena upgradeActivboard
Smart Technologies 600 series Senteo interactive response system


Adding Interactivity to an Existing Whiteboard

Mimio Add-ons provide interactivity to an existing whiteboard. It is a device which can be used with or without a projector.
Luidia EBeam Projection transforms a wall or other flat surface into an interactive whiteboard.


Interactive Document Camera

Enables instructors to share live document camera demonstrations with other classrooms throughout the local area network. This allows other rooms to watch or take part in a lesson. Document camera functions such as annotation, image capture, video recording, and zoom can also be controlled by each classroom accessing the demonstration on the network.


Desktop Management Software

Desktop management software can coexist with Remote Desktop and smart-card support. There are products which offer significant improvements in the areas of security, scripting, and multi-monitor support. This provides the instructor with the capability to deliver hands-on remote support or interactive training.