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The course search engine reflects our experience and research of information technology software. It provides a straightforward approach for locating and reviewing information on industry standard subject matter and specialized training.

Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

Traditional Classroom Training

Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

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Our training services and courses have been developed in accordance with the classic principles of adult learning theory. Core curriculum to be offered in the public domain have been submitted to the New York State Department of Education Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision. Courses are available for presentation by a subject matter expert in a web-based delivery medium, virtual classroom environments, or classroom. The courseware library is being migrated for web-based content delivery.

The distance-learning service is available through the SYS-ED course schedule. It is asynchronous learning with a subject matter expert through a client's delivery system. Not all courses are well suited for presentation in a web-based delivery medium. Specialized private web-based learning is scheduled in conjunction with a consultation with the client.

Additional information is available from SYS-ED's software specific and categorized websites.

SYS-ED reserves the right to deny enrollment in its courses. Competency assessment questions, employer verification of the experience and skillset of the employee, and an interview by a licensed Director, are the criteria for determining qualifications for enrollment.

No one is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED course without completing an enrollment form processed by a registered agent.