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SYS-ED Qualifications

With all the information technology training options, it can be challenging to figure out which company will offer a reliable professional information technology service.

Technology Driven IT Training

Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

Web-based Training Services

Traditional Classroom Training

Teaching Models


Checklist - Information Technology Training Services SYS-ED Other
YES. Very few.
  • Licensed professional for needs analysis and technical consultations?
Applications Networks Programming
YES. Very few.
Prepared for
  • GSA Schedule organized for partnering with other GSA schedule holders and SBA, WBE, and MBE businesses.
Computer Training Other Technical and Trade Schools Educational Support Services
Custom Computer Programming Services Computer System Design Services Other Computer Related Services
YES. Very few.
  • Distance- and web-based learning services as an extension of the SYS-ED schedule:
Personalized instruction Asynchronous Synchronous
Blended Hybrid Client-side Authoring and Transmission System
YES. ?
  • Private courses with a subject matter expert through a web-based delivery medium, virtual classroom, or classroom instruction.
YES. ?
  • Courses and training programs for internetworking environments: Microsoft, LAMP, WAMP, WIMP, and UNIX scripting.
Linux-variants: Red Hat, SUSE, and Ubuntu UNIX-variants Microsoft Operating Systems
Microsoft SharePoint and Web Servers Microsoft Scripting Client-server Scripting
YES. ?
  • Enterprise, Big Data, and scalable database integrated curriculum.
YES. ?

Legacy mainframe datastores:

Computer Associates - IDMS IBM - IMS Transaction Server Software AG - ADABAS

YES. Very few.

Commercial and open source enterprise databases:

IBM Db2 Information Builder FOCUS and WebFOCUS MS SQL Server
MySQL Oracle Database SAP Sybase
YES. Some.

Big Data:

Apache Hadoop Apache Hadoop Ecosystem Cassandra
CouchDB MongoDB NoSQL
YES. Very few.
  • Development platforms and programming languages:
IBM Mainframe Environments -
z/OS, z/VM, and z/VSE
MS Windows programming and .NET platform - ADO.NET, ASP.NET, C#, and VB.NET. Java platform and language
YES. Some.

Entry level, advanced, and specialized legacy programming languages training:

Assembler C C++
COBOL Easytrieve Fortran
YES. Some
  • Entry level and advanced programming language training:

Specialized training on the leading commercial and open source development platforms:

IBM Rational Platform Microsoft. NET and Azure Oracle Database and Fusion
Amazon - Cloud Google - Cloud Public, Private, and Hybrid Clouds
YES. ?
  • Integrated training programs, 2 to 8 weeks in duration, to address specific operational requirements of client organizations:
YES. Very few.
Industry standard and client-specific training:
Client/Server to Internet
and Mobile Device Programming
Java Development Platform
and Language
Legacy Programming Languages
IBM Mainframe Environment Microsoft Development Platforms Oracle Database and Development Platform

New and emerging protocols standards:

Cloud Computing Open Source Foundation Standards Commercial Cloud Standards
YES. Some.
  • Courseware library for utilization and development into a web-based infrastructure. In conjunction with presenting an instructor-led course at the client location, courseware is organized for subsequent use in a web-based infrastructure and delivery medium.
YES. Very few.
  • Technology updates, technology assessments, new courses, and support services through SYS-ED categorized and software specific web sites: web servers, cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile device platforms?
YES. Very few.
  • Research of open source standards, open source foundation projects, and identification of emerging trends: Amazon Web Services, Google cloud and software development, and Red Hat platform.
YES. Very few.
  • Definition of Service and Warranty of Service.
YES. Ask.
  • Thousands of solid references: 1- Testimonials and 2- Major Clients
1 and 2
Ask and Verify.

If you ask other training companies to answer these questions, there is a high likelihood you will arrive at the conclusion made by thousands of decision-makers: training from the computer education professionals at SYS-ED.