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Selection of Delivery Medium

Private courses can be presented in multiple delivery medium: distance-learning, web-based delivery, or classroom instruction.

Technology driven classrooms can be used to augment, amplify the presentation and streamline the costs associated with the delivery of the training.


Selection of Subject Matter

It is standard policy for SYS-ED to qualify a training assignment - content, examples, sample programs, and exercises with a prospective client. Equally as important, we recognize and differentiate between industry standard content and the client's requirement for educational consultancy.


Selection of Subject Matter


Rate Structure

Base Rate - Level 1: Private Classes
The base rate structure is based upon a class size of six students.

Incremental Rate - Level 2: Private Classes
There is an incremental charge for the seventh through twelfth students.

Incremental Rate - Level 3: Private Classes
There is an incremental charge for the thirteenth through twenty students.

Incremental Rate - Level 4: Private Classes
There is an incremental charge for class sizes larger than twenty students.

Private Classes extended with Distance-learning and Virtual Classrooms
There is an incremental charge for private classroom instruction which is extended to include distance-learning and virtual classrooms.

Volume Discount Private Classes

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