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SYS-ED courses provide industry standard content, specialized training, and integrated training programs for Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers.

SYS-ED system consultants' were graded as being consistently excellent in their technical knowledge, presentation skills, and ongoing support.
SYS-ED courseware and training aids uniformly were rated good to excellent.
SYS-ED courses are efficient in terms of utilizing examples, sample programs, skeleton programs, and training aids.
The self assessments, pre and post course validation - inclusive of checklists for completed workshops, and preparation for certification examinations are left to the discretion of the client.
Business and information technology professionals utilize SYS-ED websites for submitting questions, keeping up-to-date with industry trends, and availing themselves of an independent analysis of commercial and open source software.

Tailored Private Client-Site Training

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WebSphere Courses

AIG Consulting

WSAD: WebSphere Studio Developer

WebSphere MQ Courses

Citigroup - Instructor Placement

At client location.
WebSphere Application Server and IBM MQ Administration - AIX
WAS: WebSphere Application Server Training

E-Funds - Instructor Placement

At client location.
WASD: WebSphere Studio Application Developer

WebSphere MQ Application Programming Courses

Golden Consulting Group - Instructor Placement

At client location.
IBM MQ Application Programming

WebSphere MQ Courseware

Thomson Corporation /
Thomson University

At client location.
IBM MQ Administration

WebSphere MQ Programming Courses

UBS Paine-Webber - Instructor Placement

At client location.
IBM MQ Programming - COBOL and IBM MQ Programming - Java

WebSphere MQ Administration Courses

USDA Graduate School

At client location.
WebSphere Application Server