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Content Delivery and
Return on Investment

Consultancy Experience
in Information Technology

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SYS-ED recognizes and differentiates between industry standard content and educational consultancy. We review the software environment and then have the client select the examples, sample programs, and exercises from the SYS-ED courseware library. At the client discretion, the training can include source software company certification standards and pre and post course validation assessment. This premium information technology training service draws upon the CETi knowledge base and technology partners consultancy assignments.

  • Updates in software technology have been summarized and can be incorporated into a course or training program.
  • The course search engine can be used for selecting subject matter from areas of interrelated information technology.
  • Software increasingly being used in the emerging cloud computing infrastructure is being researched and categorized for inclusion in courses and training programs.
  • Additional information is available at SYS-ED software specific and categorized websites.

IBM Corporation - Mainframe
CICS Transaction Server CICS Transaction Server and IBM MQ IBM Tools
Legacy Programming Languages - Assembler, COBOL, and PL/1 IBM MQ z/OS JCL to PC Batch Files

Java Development Platform and Language
Java Enterprise Application Development - IBM WebSphere Java Lightweight Frameworks JEE and Web Services Standards
JEE Connector Architecture Oracle and IBM Web Server Platforms Oracle WebLogic Server Convergence

Web Development and Internet Programming 1
MS .NET Application Development MS and Open Source Software Apache Web Server

Scalable Database and Analytics
Database Design and Implementation Scalable Enterprise Database SAS - Data Analytics and Business Intelligence Applications

Legacy Languages
C++ - Subject Matter - North American CETi technology partner 2 C and UML - North American CETi technology partner 2 Fortran Programming Language

Emerging Trends - Consumerization of Information Technology
Website Design - HTML5 and CSS3 Android Mobile Device Programming Microsoft Phone

Footnote 1:

Microsoft .Net is the registered trademark associated with the intellectual property and software copyright of Microsoft Corporation. In order to distinguish the SYS-ED brand training service from Microsoft certification, the course search engine and websites spells lower case "dot net" .NET in all upper case. CETi's MS .NET lesson plans have been developed based upon the experience of staff members and technology partners coding and debugging MS Windows and .NET applications in IBM mainframe, mobile computing, and hybrid information technology environments.

Footnote 2:

Subject matter and multi-platform implementation is in the process of being reviewed for quality control; posting is scheduled for the first quarter 2020.

The compilation, research, presentation, and documentation of sources - white papers, source software documentation is documented based upon the application of the standards of Kate L. Turbian, A Manual for Writers, University of Chicago Press. That information is on file at