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Alternative to the Information Technology Training
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The interrelationships among technology, productivity, and training are complex. For the better part of a quarter century our staff and CETi technology partners have been project leaders and members of teams responsible for the design, coding, debugging, and maintenance of computer software for Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, healthcare providers, software houses, and consultancy firms.

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SYS-ED is a recognized leader in these areas of information technology training:

Programming Languages
Courseware as Learning Center
z/OS JCL - Basic and Mainframe Programming
PL/1 and IBM System Software
Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools
IBM WebSphere MQ IBM DB2 Relational Database

Entry Level Mainframe Training Program z/OS Operations and System Programming Training Program Assembler Language Training Program
COBOL Language Training Program PL/1 Language Training Program Java Language Training Program

UNIX and Linux Training - Public Sector UNIX and Linux - Experience MS Internetworking Training - Public Sector