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The selection of the delivery medium is based upon the nature of the subject matter, performance objectives, and how employees will learn most efficiently. It also is important to establish a clear distinction between industry standard content and educational consultancy. In the case of the latter, the presentation is extended to include the analysis and interpretation of the software, source documentation, and information in the public domain. Best practices and standards are incorporated into the examples and client-specific workshops.

Technology Driven IT Training

Technology Driven IT Training

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The web-based training service offered to employers for information technology staff, webmasters, and business professionals is an extension of the SYS-ED schedule. Its foundation is a lesson plan developed by a governing body responsible for oversight of the public interest and based upon the principles of adult learning theory. The SYS-ED training service is extensible and streamlined to minimize bandwidth limitations and simplify security.

It is standard policy to organize content conducted as part of classroom instruction for future utilization in a web-based content delivery.