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SYS-ED web-based training and classroom instruction is restricted to organizational enterprise - Fortune 1000 corporations, government municipalities, healthcare providers, consulting companies, software companies, and mid-sized businesses which will be sponsoring and paying for its employees to attend information technology courses.

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There is a common lesson plan for the web-based training and classroom instruction. Courses offered through the SYS-ED schedule are 65% lecture with student course materials, validation assessment, exercises, and website support services.

A course instruction day is 6.5 hours; there is an hour for lunch and one hour of scheduled breaks in lecture and workshop. The standard start time for a course day is 8:00 AM and lecture and workshop is completed at 4:30 PM.

Private distance-learning provides flexible scheduling: non consecutive days of course instruction and training outside of the regular 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM work day.

SYS-ED Web-based Training Services:

Definition of Service Can be interactive or self-paced.

Web-based Training Services

Definition of Service Utilize a combination of open source and commercial presentation and authoring systems.
Definition of Service Are not suitable or available for all seach engine courses.
Definition of Service Require a consultation with the client prior to the delivery of the service.

SYS-ED Classroom Instruction:

Definition of Service Serves as an alternative to the course titles and content listed on the websites and catalogs of the commercial software companies and open source software purveyors.

Instructor-led Training - Subject Matter Expert

Definition of Service Can be extended selectively with distance-learning.
Definition of Service Has a restriction on class size.
Definition of Service Applies direct interpersonal interaction and transactional inputs between the instructor and student-client.

Qualifications to Enroll in a SYS-ED Course

SYS-ED reserves the right to deny enrollment in its courses. Competency assessment questions, employer verification of the experience and background of the employee, and interview are the criteria for determining qualifications for enrollment.

SYS-ED public courses are subject to licensing with the New York State Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision consumer protection regulations. No one is allowed to enroll in a SYS-ED course without completing an enrollment form processed by a registered agent.

SYS-ED does not advertise or guarantee employment predicated upon completion of a course.