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Courseware for Teaching

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Major Benefits

Computer Education Techniques selectively licenses its courseware.

1. Significant reduction in the costs associated with courseware development: design, presentation outline, student handouts, training aids, walkthroughs, examples, samples programs, exercises, and validation assessment.
2. Quality demonstrated through utilization in SYS-ED brand instructor-led courses.  
3. Option of having CETi staff teach the initial presentation.  
4. Incremental fee structure.  
5. Foundation for and migration to a web-based delivery format.  

Review Our Courseware

This is a subset of the courseware library utilized in SYS-ED brand and CETi technology partner courses. It provides for a sequential and unified presentation of information technology subject matter. Modular content can be combined from multiple handouts; subject matter can be researched using the course search engine. Courseware is updated prior to use.

Client/Server Computer Applications Database IBM WebSphere and Open Source Software
Java Development Platform and Language Mainframe Mainframe Legacy Programming Languages Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools
MS Application Development MS Internetworking Open Source Software Oracle Database and System Software
Programming Languages Linux and UNIX Web Development and Internet Programming Web Servers

CEtTi courseware utilizes a combination of industry standard and consultancy derived subject matter. The collective efforts of our system consultants and technologists are managed by editors, who have multidisciplinary expertise in information technology, textbook authoring, and degrees in management and business administration.

The principles of adult learning are applied to the content, interpreting and translating subject matter into performance objectives, narrative descriptions, and diagrams which explain. The courseware has been designed to utilize a variety of presentation formats: textual, tabular, bullet point, examples, and code snippets. It is highly valued in interrelated and hybrid information technology, especially when there is a scarcity of up to date textbooks. Courseware is being updated, refined, and expanded into a learning center format:

z/OS JCL - Basic PL/1 Programming Language

This information is required in order to provide sample courseware and a quotation.

Is the individual who will be utilizing the courseware a licensed teacher or certified on the subject matter?
Have you attended the SYS-ED course for the specified courseware?
Can the CETi courseware be used “as is”?
Will additional subject matter and tailored workshops be required?
Do you require a presentation outline and sample chapter for review purposes?
Which licensing format is best suited to your requirements:
Open source license.
Permanent license; this is a one-time fee.
Usage license based upon the number of days of instruction and number of times that the course is taught.
* Name Company
Title Address
City State Zip Code
Daytime Phone Evening Phone
Fax E-mail Address

How would you like to receive these outlines? 


Payment is required prior to the shipment of the courseware. There are no refunds.

Volume discounts for licensing multiple courses are available.

Questions should be directed to