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Technology Driven IT Training

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Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

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The submission of SYS-ED's program to offer information training services through a GSA schedule is the by product of over a quarter century work in data processing and information technology: training, consultancy, and documentation.

The commercial price list is comprised of information technology training services in the following areas: 1- Instructor placement - course search engine 2- Distance-learning service 3- Private training 4- Training programs 5- Courseware and 6- SYS-ED schedule.

Our GSA roadmap provides factual information on our experience and resources for delivering a range of training services.

Executive Summary

Experience and Key Personnel
New York State Department of Education Standards
Curriculum and Catalog Submission: 2002 - 2007
Curriculum Submission Program: 2008 - 2023
Status: March 2005, April 2006, March 2008, October 2009, October 2011, September 2013, and 2019
 Nationally Recognized Vendor Submission: 2020
Portfolio of Clients IT Training - Public Sector

Foundation - Commercial Price List
Course Search Engine Distance-learning Service
Private Training - Content Delivery Selection Training Programs
Courseware Licensing Enrollment - SYS-ED Schedule - Not Available 1

SYS-ED Websites
1 - Mainframe 2 - Programming Languages
3 - Java Platform and Language 4 - Database
5 - UNIX and Linux 6 - Computer Applications

Alternative to the IT Training by the Software Companies
Knowledge Transfer Foundation Learning Paths
Demonstrated Excellence Specialized Training

Value Added Service
Knowledge Base Technology Updates
Technology Driven Classrooms Students with Special Needs

Footnote 1:

SYS-ED websites provide technology updates and assessment on software, training services offered, and status of curriculum submission to the New York State Department of Education.