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GSA Schedule - Executive Summary

Information Technology Training for the Public Sector

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Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

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Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

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The submission of SYS-ED's program to offer information technology training services through a GSA schedule is the by product of more than a quarter century work in the evolutionary fields of data processing and information technology: training, consultancy, and documentation services. It also builds upon our application for licensure first submitted in 2000 to the New York State Department of Education. This roadmap provides factual information and transparency on our experience along with the strategy and resources for delivering a range of training services.

GSA Schedule Roadmap

1 - 2 - Experience and Key Personnel 3 - Technology Driven IT Training
4 - New York State Department of Education Standards 5 - Alternative to the Training Offered by the Software Companies 6 - Value Added Service
7 - Portfolio of Clients 8 - Websites and Training Services 9 - Training Programs

2 - Experience and Key Personnel

New York Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision
Status: March 2008, October 2009, October 2011, September 2013, 2016, and 2018
Computer Education Techniques and SYS-ED CETi: Computer Education Techniques CETi Technology Partners
1982 - 2000 Mission Statement 2001 - 2017
DBA - SYS-ED: 1980 - 2018
David Shapiro Experience / Numbers Trained David Silverberg
Biography Knowledge Transfer Biography

3 - Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services Why Web-based Learning Web-based Training by SYS-ED
Instructor-led Training with a Distance-learning Option Distance-learning Center M-learning
Quality of Service - Bandwidth Classroom Management Systems Bi-directional Communication

Definition of Service Moodle - Open Source Courseware Licensing

4 - New York State Department of Education Standards

Curriculum and Catalog Submission: 2005 - 2007

CETi: Executive Summary NYS Department of Education

Curriculum Submission Program: 2006 - 2023

Computer Applications and Web Apps

UNIX and Linux

Java Language and Platform


5 - Alternative to the IT Training by the Software Companies

Programming Languages Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools DB2 - Relational Database WebSphere MQ Middleware

Knowledge Transfer Foundation


Courseware for Teaching

Validation Assessment

6 - Value Added Service

Student Handouts

Knowledge Base

Technology Updates

Technical Support

Classroom Facilities

Technology Driven Classrooms

Mobile Classrooms

Students with Special Needs

7 - Portfolio of Clients

Information Technology Training - Public Sector

Relationship with the USDA Graduate School

8 - Websites and Training Services

Mainframe Training Services

Web Development and Internet Programming Training Services 1 IBM Rational Development Platform 2

Computer Applications and Internetworking Training Services 3 3
macintoshtrainingbysysed is being transitioned to Apple application development. - ongoing research Linux-variants

9 - Training Programs

Licensing and Experience SYS-ED Training Programs Quality Control

Mainframe Operations, Programming, and System Software
Mainframe Entry Level Mainframe Operations and Systems Programming
Assembler Language COBOL Language
PL/1 Language CICS Transaction Server

Web Development and Internet Programming
C++ Language Java Language
IBM DB2 for Java Programmers Java - IBM Rational Application Development
Oracle Database and Development Platform Microsoft Development Platform

Internetworking and Computer Applications
UNIX and Linux MS Operating Systems and Internetworking Client-side Scripting and Office Suites

Footnote 1:
A shaded gray cell indicates that the software is available through a GPL: General Public License - as OSS: Open Source Software. Additional information is provided at the categorized software specific website.

Footnote 2:

Microsoft .Net is the registered trademark associated with the intellectual property and software copyright of Microsoft Corporation. In order to distinguish the SYS-ED brand training service from Microsoft certification, the course search engine and websites spells lower case "dot net" .NET in all upper case. The MS .NET lesson plans have been developed based upon the experience of staff members and technology partners coding and debugging MS Windows and .NET applications in IBM mainframe, mobile computing, and hybrid information technology environments.

Footnote 3:

An executive initiative has been undertaken to commit the resources for presenting and teaching pathways to certifications for Microsoft and Linux internetworking. SYS-ED's Linus and MS training programs and course search engine entries - learning paths, technology assessments, and state of the software will be updated in the fourth quarter of 2018. Information also will be on SYS-ED software-specific websites.