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SYS-ED Mobile Website

This mobile website has been designed for reviewing information technology course subject matter from a Google Android device, Microsoft Phone or Surface tablet, and Apple iPhone or iPad.

The course search engine provides a way to locate and review information on: 1- industry standard subject matter 2- consultancy derived content and 3- specialized training requirements.

SYS-ED Websites

SYS-ED categorized and software specific websites aggregate, analyze, and interpret computer software and interrelated areas of information technology: learning paths, technology updates, and technology assessments.

The recommended web browser for viewing a SYS-ED website is Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer Release 9 or higher from a desktop or laptop personal computer. The original website design was done to provide a uniform experience for employees from Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers.

Open source Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browser software will function and interact with SYS-ED websites. The course search engine and information also can be accessed from Apple Safari and Opera web browsers.

There are forms for requesting additional information. An authorized user account is required to request course outlines and review course dates from any SYS-ED website.

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