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Numbers Trained


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This information reflects historical data, contractual arrangements, and numbers transmitted verbally, with reasonable verification.

Teaching, Training Services, and Courseware
Year Entity
1980-81 SYS-ED as a division of Integrated Computer Software.
1982-2000 SYS-ED/CETi, application for authority under section 1304 of the Business Corporation Law.
1986-87 SYS-ED/Scandinavia.
1986-1996 SYS-ED Microcomputer Learning Centers White Plains, New York and Stamford, Connecticut.
2001-2018 SYS-ED/CETi, new regulations by the New York State Department of Education.
Acquired Experience
Year Entity
1970's Robert Blumfeld, On-line Software International
1978-1979 Robert Blumfeld, VIP: Verhoef Information Packages
1985-1988 David Silverberg, Software Education Corporation
Joint Venture Experience
Year Entity
Mid 1980's Atre International Consultants, Inc.
Mid 1980's Read Stead Morrell, Jon Coe
2002 Oakwood Computing Ltd., Jonathon Clarke
Consulting Companies
Instructor Placement
Year Source/Explanation
1987-2002 ISI International
Early 1990s ComputerAID
Late 1990's, Early 2000's Computer Generated Solutions
Up to 2007 SkyIT Group
Up to 2011 EDVantage and Class Trainers

Courseware and Textbooks
Textbooks and Derivative Courseware
Company/Technologist Consultant Software Source
Atre International Consultants Database, IBM - IMS, IBM - DB2 Shaku Atre
Pacifico Lim COBOL, IBM - CICS, IBM - DB2 Pacifico Lim
Mike Murach & Associates COBOL, IBM - CICS, IBM - VSAM Mike Murach personally and
Murach promotional literature
Novick Software MS - SQL Server Andrew Novick
David Silverberg IBM - DB2 David Silverberg
Multiplier for textbooks is assumed; but not counted.
SYS-ED Courseware Licensing SYS-ED courseware was licensed with the right to train employees at: AT&T, Exxon Central Services, Lucent Technologies, MCI Telecommunications / Worldcom, Mutual Benefit Life Insurance Company, and State Street Bank & Trust Company.


The numbers were rounded to the nearest hundred based on information provided by principals at the respective companies.
A multiplier is assumed for both textbooks sales and courseware licensed; but is not included in the total numbers trained.
Courseware and licensing numbers were not included from SYS-ED/Connecticut or SYS-ED/Scandinavia.
The numbers trained by Isogon Corporation, New York, NY, were never corroborated and accordingly excluded from the grand total.
The numbers trained by Ascot Systems Centre, Toronto, Canada, were never corroborated and accordingly excluded from the grand total.

The numbers trained excludes the collective experience and numbers trained by independent consultants who have taught courses for SYS-ED.

Mary Abdill Judith Astroff
Mobatsinh Chudasama Yuri Dobruskin
Andy Novick and Novick Software Laurence Platt
Mike Rogers Judy Roth
Shree Srinath Jerry Wolff
The number trained does not include the organizations who have submitted questions by telephone or the Internet to SYS-ED. Answering questions by  telephone was a standard operating procedure: 1980 - 2000. This service now is provided through websites, technology assessments, and the knowledge base. SYS-ED provides this service free of charge.