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Information Technology in Transition

Information Technology in Transition

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Mission Statement

Computer Education Techniques, Inc. researches textbooks, open education resources, and training aids for use in SYS-ED distance-learning, courseware as a learning center, and classroom instruction. The full complement of web-based and classroom technologies are used to provide effective knowledge transfer.

The principles of adult learning theory and knowledge transfer have been applied to meet the standards of the New York State Department of Education:

PC and Web Applications Database Management Systems Programming Languages
Linux and UNIX IBM Mainframe Environment Java Platform and Language

The company mission has been expanded to include the utilization of technology to address emerging opportunities:

  • web-based content delivery to teach effectively larger numbers of students online and hold down cost and increase access for client organizations.

  • digital publishing to address the high cost and short shelf life of information technology textbooks at trade schools, junior colleges, and universities.

Instructions and guidelines from the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision are in the final stages of being implemented in the areas of instructor training and NRV submission.

In areas where there is a scarcity of industry standard textbooks, CETi develops courseware into a learning center for information technology subject matter and providing a premium service: pre course and post course assessment, review questions, remedial and advanced exercises, technology updates, and specialized training.

The initial curriculum are:

z/OS JCL - Basic Entry level familiarization with z/OS JCL and a framework for IBM mainframe programming skills, VSAM, and programming languages.
PL/1 Language Entry level familiarization with the PL/1 language for maintenance programming and repurposing of code with IBM system software: VSAM, CICS Transaction Server, IMS Transaction Server, DB2, and WebSphere MQ middleware.
Java Programming in the IBM RAD Environment An integrated program which teaches and provides sample programs and workshops: Java language, JEE, EJB, Struts 2, Web Services, and Maven.
DB2 for Java Programmers Teaches SQL coding in the Java platform and DB2 Java connectivity.

Experience and Expertise

Computer Education Techniques was formed in 1982 and purchased SYS-ED, the training services division of Integrated Computer Software. CETiís collective experience with software engineering predates this acquisition. SYS-EDís founder, Robert Blumfeld, did pioneering work with the initial releases of IBM CICS systems software at the New York Times and his association with Ed Yourdon resulted in a cross fertilization with structured analysis and design methodologies. In the 1970's, Mr. Blumfeld played a significant role in instructor-led training at On-line Software International and was co-founder of Verhoef Information Packages. Several CETi system consultants were involved in first generation coding and debugging of programming languages and IBM systems software. We have used each successive generation of software technology. And equally as important, categorized and developed content for effective teaching. Few software or consulting companies have the library of sample programs, exercises, and training aids that we do.


Computer Education Techniques has relationships with information technology textbook authors and publishers. The by product is derivative courseware and training aids which reflect the changes and advancements in software industry: co-existence and interoperability with established and new generations of software, updates, open source software, cloud computing, Big Data, and software as a service.

Textbook Authors Industry Standard Textbooks

Open Source Software

Computer Education Techniques has first generation experience with open source operating systems and development languages Linux- and UNIX- variants, web servers, XML, and Java, and development tools. This includes working with hybrid internetworking and development platforms. Industry experts agree that the documentation available for supporting open source software does not provide an equivalent degree of clarity and completeness in relation to its commercial counterparts. CETi courseware has been designed to address this shortcoming and provide value added quality.

Software and International Standards

Computer Education Techniques avails itself of the software and documentation available in the public domain. We analyze and interpret this information and develop our own examples and workshops. Based upon requests from our client base, we develop courseware and training aids. Compilation and research is a component of the CETi training service. Subject matter listed and available for download from software company, FOSS, and international standards websites are reviewed and summarized into reference cards and distributed through SYS-ED websites. Reference cards will be submitted for evaluation and be available free of charge through public library systems. CETi has been called upon by leading software and consulting companies to train both their clients and software engineers and software developers on their own software!


CETi Consulting

Computer Education Techniques selectively accepts consulting assignments. This allows us to analyze and benchmark the assumptions in the source vendor documentation. Over the years, we have developed expertise in a variety of fields, industries, and applications. Each assignment typically uncovers errors and omissions in the vendor documentation and new and better ways of designing, developing, and coding systems.