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Distance-learning - MS Visual C++ Programming with MFC


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MS Visual C++ Programming with MFC
DURATION: 4 days

FEE: $1,980

Based upon a class size of six students.

Scheduling can be adjusted to employee work hours and incorporate client assignments.

There is a surcharge associated with training two or fewer students.


  • Programmer
  • Web Developer
  • System Designer
  • System Analyst
  • IT Professional


    1. MS Visual C++ Featureset
      • Examine the MFC classes and their interrelationships.
    2. Developer Studio
      • The MS Visual Studio 2010 Professional provides multiple programming environments; this course only will present the MFC: Microsoft Foundation Class library side.
      • Navigate through the Visual Studio windows and compile a program.
      • Create a new project, add files to the project, add classes to the project and run/debug the project.
    3. MFC Library
      • Most of the classes used in the lesson descend directly or indirectly from CObject.
      • Become familiar with the basic hierarchy of the MFC library.
    4. Windows Programming with MFC
      • Code a basic window with a simple text control.
    5. Controls
      • Code programs that use the input box, labels, radio buttons, check buttons, and list boxes.
    6. Dialog boxes
      • Code an application using a modal and a modeless dialog box.
    7. MDI
      • Convert an SDI program to MDI.
    8. Debugging MFC Windows Programs
      • Given two classes by the instructor, code an application using the classes and debug and fix the problems.
    9. General MFC Classes
      • Create and utilize a collection based on CArray.
    10. Resource Studio
      • Create a set of literal resources in a resource file and read them into an application.

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Effective February 27, 2012, the course dates listed on the SYS-ED schedules only will be available based upon approved and authorized user ID.

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