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C Programming - Advanced
DURATION: 4 days

FEE: $1,980

Based upon a class size of six students.

Scheduling can be adjusted to employee work hours and incorporate client assignments.

There is a surcharge associated with training two or fewer students.


  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • System Designer
  • IT Professional


    1. Language Overview
      • Review the C programming language.
    2. Preprocessor Techniques
      • Code three parameterized macros where the passed parameters determine the resulting generated source.
    3. Datatypes and Storage Classes
      • Code a program which will pop and push data into a stack that recognizes stack overflow and underflow.
    4. Pointers, Arrays, and Structures
      • Create an array of pointers which references strings and traverses the array.
    5. Memory Management and Linked Lists
      • Create a tree structure by using dynamic memory allocation.
      • Traverse the tree and allow the addition and removal of nodes.
      • Create a linked list data structure that allows for the searching, addition, removal of specific nodes. This exercise demonstrates dynamic memory allocation and fast searches.
    6. Input/Output Processing
      • Code a program that writes and reads random records based on a record number.
      • Using the previous exercise, include exception handling and error control within the application.
    7. Standard Library Functions
      • Using the macro assert, verify assumptions made by the program and print a diagnostic message if this assumption is false.
    8. Command-line Processing/Environment
      • Pass in command-line arguments, parse the values, and perform an edit check on the passed values.
    9. Sparse Array Processing
      • Perform an operation on all cells in a sparse matrix containing a value.

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