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C Programming
DURATION: 5 days

FEE: $2,475

Based upon a class size of six students.

Scheduling can be adjusted to employee work hours and incorporate client assignments.

There is a surcharge associated with training two or fewer students.


  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • System Designer
  • IT Professional


    1. Concepts and Program Structure
      • Code, compile, link, and test a simple program.
      • Given a poorly coded program with inconsistent syntax, identify, and remove the errors.
    2. Datatypes
      • Code a program with several datatypes which demonstrate datatype conversions, problems, and solutions.
    3. Operators and Expressions
      • Display a multiplication table.
    4. Simple I/O Operations
      • Retrieve data from a console and display the results in a report with formatted numbers.
    5. Program Statements
      • Code a data entry program which edits each of the entered fields.
      • If an error occurs, display an error message and have the user try again.
    6. Aggregate Datatypes
      • Code a multidimensional array to store and display statistics for a hospital based system.
    7. Function and Storage Classes
      • Code a function that receives two values, has access to an external value, and returns a single value.
    8. Pointer processing arrays and strings
      • Create a simple linked list using pointers and dynamic memory allocation.
    9. Functions, Pointers, and Aggregates
      • Code a function that receives an array.
      • The function manipulates the array and returns the updated values.
    10. File I/O
      • Complete the data entry program from the previous exercise and write the information to a file using formatted I/O.
      • Code another program that lists the data in the file.

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Effective February 27, 2012, the course dates listed on the SYS-ED schedules only will be available based upon approved and authorized user ID.

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