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IBM Assembler Toolkit
DURATION: 2 days

FEE: $1,390

Based upon a class size of six students.

Scheduling can be adjusted to employee work hours and incorporate client assignments.

There is a surcharge associated with training two or fewer students.


  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • IT Professional
  • System Programmer


    1. Toolkit Components
      • Examine the features of each component.
    2. Structured Programming Macros
      • Code a data editing program using structured programming macros.
      • Code a nested if logic with the IF macro set.
      • Search a table using the SEARCH macro set.
    3. Disassembler
      • Display areas of the CSECT being disassembled which contain no instructions.
      • Define a base register with a USING statement.
    4. Program Understanding Tool
      • Display analyzed source code and the corresponding control flow graph.
      • Display the different layers of the control flow graph.
      • Zooming in and out changes the size of the elements in the control flow graph.
      • Create ADATA files for each program that is to be analyzed.
      • 1- Mark a node. 2- Unmark a node. 3- Unmark all nodes.
    5. Cross-reference Facility
      • Extract information from the specified library to create intermediate data files.
      • Generate selected reports.
      • Tabulate all the intermodule program references as a function of member or entry point name.
      • Provide a count, arranged by part and by component of the:1- Number of source lines in the part 2- Number of comments in the part.
      • Provide SSI: Shipped Source Instructions which are the number of instructions within each part scanned that are: 1- Not spaces or comments and CSI: Changed Source Instructions. 2- The number of unique SSI that have been modified in each part by having been added, changed, deleted, and moved.
    6. Enhanced SUPERC
      • Specify the level that the comparison is to be performed: file, line, word, or byte.
      • Restrict the comparison to certain types of data.
      • Control the type of listing output which has been produced.
      • Specify an update file to be produced.
      • Perform a search for multiple strings.
      • Perform a search based on a range of columns.

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