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Distance-learning - CICS Transaction Server: Debugging with CA-InterTest


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CICS Transaction Server: Debugging with CA-InterTest

FEE: $695

Based upon a class size of six students.

Scheduling can be adjusted to employee work hours and incorporate client assignments.

There is a surcharge associated with training two or fewer students.


  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • System Programmer
  • IT Professional


    1. InterTest Features
      • Compile a program and generate the ProtSym.
      • Review the ProtSym and confirm that it has been generated for the compiled program.
    2. Menu Screens
      • Navigate thru the various options.
      • Set a breakpoint using the menus.
      • Enter the FILE command from the menus.
      • List the existing breakpoint and setting for the modules.
    3. Using InterTest
      • Starting InterTest and confirm its operational status.
      • Unless there is a dedicated region for the course, InterTest will not be stopped.
    4. Viewing Main Storage
      • Display the WORKING-STORAGE SECTION of a program.
      • Locate the values of fields in WORKING-STORAGE.
      • Display the program storage.
      • Display the storage associated with the FCT.
    5. Viewing Auxiliary Storage
      • Display the content of a VSAM KSDS dataset.
      • Display the VSAM dataset in various display modes.
      • Modify a record in a VSAM database.
      • Browse the VSAM database starting at a specific key.
      • If it is available, display the content of a Db2 table.
    6. Change InterTest Environment
      • Temporarily override the FCT entry for pointing to a different dataset.
      • Reset a dataset to write DUMMY data.
      • If students have the privileges, run a NEWCOPY with CEMT.
      • Run a NEWCOPY using the InterTest menus.
      • Run a NEWCOPY using the command-line.
    7. Breakpoints
      • Turn the automatic breakpoint on in a few modules.
      • Turn off automatic breakpoint on a few modules.
      • Display the status of ABP on all modules.
      • Set a UBP on a statement.
      • Execute SBP through a series of statements.
      • Turn on conditional breakpoint for a paragraph.
    8. Additional Considerations
      • Modification of protected

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