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Distance-learning - Java Programming using Rational Application Developer


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Java Programming using Rational Application Developer
DURATION: 5 days

FEE: $2,475

Based upon a class size of six students.

Scheduling can be adjusted to employee work hours and incorporate client assignments.

There is a surcharge associated with training two or fewer students.


  • Programmer
  • System Analyst
  • System Designer
  • IT Professional


    1. Java and JEE: Introduction
      • Design a simple n-tier application; the instructor will demonstrate how RAD can be used in the development process.
    2. RAD: Rational Application Developer
      • Code, compile, test, execute, and deploy a basic Java application.
    3. Java Statements - Basic
      • Edit, compile and debug applications using the RAD editor and debugger.
    4. Loops and Logic
      • Code and execute conditional logic to edit data and display appropriate message if they have invalid values.
      • Display a histogram using Java looping code.
    5. Strings
      • Perform string manipulation including concatenation, searching, replacing and parsing.
    6. Arrays
      • Define and populate an array with numeric values.
      • Calculate a total and average from the array contents.
      • Display the array in a Debug window at a breakpoint.
    7. Classes
      • Create a base class and subclass. Create an instance of the base and subclass and identify the constructors being executed.
    8. Exceptions
      • Capture numeric format exceptions and display an appropriate error. Reset the value of the erroneous field.
    9. File I/O: Input/output
      • Copy one file into another.
      • Populate a collections or array with the contents of a file.
    10. Threads
      • Develop a routine to start threads and each thread displays a different value.
      • Terminate a thread from the program.
    11. Windows
      • Code a Swing program to display window with a textbox, listbox, radio button and push buttons.
    12. XML Processing
      • Parse the contents of a file containing XML data.
      • Display an error if the XML is not well formed.
      • Edit the XML using the XML Editor.
    13. JDBC: Java Database Connectivity
      • Use RAD to connect to a database and display the contents of an existing table.

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Effective February 27, 2012, the course dates listed on the SYS-ED schedules only will be available based upon approved and authorized user ID.

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