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Professional Distance-learning IT Training Services

Classroom Management Systems

An important component of a quality distance-learning service is the utilization of a classroom management system. When a classroom management systems has been designed for utilization in local or wide areas networks within a single secured organization, there can be practical limitations and shortcomings when utilizing a classroom management system in a distance-learning environment across multiple geographically dispersed locations. We are monitoring and evaluating the technology and the related bandwidth issues.

Prior to allowing an organization to enroll an employee in a distance-learning course, it is our standard practice to review that the SYS-ED web-based training service complies with the client's security policy. We also require a 15 minute demonstration session with the source content.



Classroom Management Systems - Quality Distance-learning

Web-based Training Services

Output Workstation Control A student's screen can be seen on the instructor's screen; many systems provide the capability to view multiple student screens on separate windows.
Input Workstation Control As part of getting a student's attention, the ability to blank out or freeze the action on the student's screens. It also is possible to disable mouse control.
Broadcasting A screen can be sent to the other student's screens.
Communicating Suggestions and comments can be made to students using text message, audio, or video.
Desktop Control Take over a studentís computer, move the mouse, select from the menus, or run programs remotely from the instructor computer.
Fileset Distribution and Software Loads Move documents, audio, video, and other types of files to student computers, and move files from the student's computers to the instructor's computer.
Perform remote software installations and updates onto student workstations. Add new software to and update old software on student computers directly from the instructor's computer.

Software-based Classroom Management Systems

These are software-based classroom management systems:

CrossTec SchoolVue

Classroom Management Systems - Quality Distance-learning

Technology Driven IT Training

NetOp School
Apple Remote Desktop
Applied Computer Systems SoftLINK
Vision from Geneva Logic
NetSupport School

Hardware-based Classroom Management Systems

These are are hardware-based classroom systems:

KnowledgeWEB System

Classroom Management Systems - Quality Classroom Training

Teaching Models

Mobile LINK System
SmartClass/SmartCC Plug and Play