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Bi-directional Communication

An essential component in distance-learning is communication and interaction between the subject matter expert and among the students in the virtual classroom.

SYS-ED's standard web-based and distance-learning training service implementation is submission of common questions and posting of answers to its software specific websites. Pre and post course assessment validation, which can be tailored and adjusted for utilization in real-time for each lesson in a course. Open source Moodle has been used as the database design and presentation framework.

These additional techniques can be used for providing tailored client-specific and blended distance-learning.

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Bi-directional Communication - Distance-learning Service

Web-based Training Services

Online Quizzes A variety of questioning formats are utilized to assess pre and post course mastery of content. Questions can be scaled and presented to evaluate a learning standard at a high level of abstraction: ability to code and debug programming languages - scripting, non procedural, object oriented, and integrated development environments.
Web-based Surveys Concise online surveys can be used to ascertain what a student can apply to a work related task or a specific application development assignment. The surveys can be selectively applied to targeted lessons.
Digital Logs Review a student's progress in learning application software, network administration tasks, or webmaster activities. A log on the mouse or keyboard interaction for performing specific tasks and activities can be established.
Wiki Evaluation A baseline of stated performance objectives and projected outcomes will be provided by SYS-ED online. At the client's discretion, students can be required to provide a brief summary in writing stating what they have been able to complete each day; this includes challenges encountered as part of completing the assignments. Constructive comments on how to make the lecture and assignments more relevant and effective for completing work assignments are welcome.