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This service is being developed and marketed based upon the standards and regulations of the New York State Department of Education, Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision: Sections 5001 through 5010 of Education Law and Part 126 of the Regulations of the Commissioner of Education.

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Distance-learning SYS-ED SYSED Distance-learning SYS-ED SYSED

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SYS-ED offers a subset of its industry standard UNIX and Linux curriculum in a web-based learning format. The distance-learning service is an extension of the SYS-ED schedule, inclusive of courseware and training aids. A distance-learning course is 65% lecture, pre and post course assessment, review questions, examples, workshops, and website support services.

UNIX and Linux Curriculum

Linux Installation, Configuration, and Support Linux Server Management UNIX and Linux: Tools and Utilities

Linux/UNIX Fundamentals - 1 Linux/UNIX Fundamentals - Level 2 UNIX: System Administration
  UNIX: Network Administration  

Solaris: Fundamentals Solaris 10: New Features Apache Server: Installation and Administration

Linux/UNIX: Shell Programming Perl Programming Perl Programming - Advanced

Linux/UNIX Programming Linux/UNIX Programming - Advanced Linux/UNIX Environment: C Programming
Object Oriented Analysis and Design C++ Programming C++ Programming - Advanced


Open Source Software Curriculum

UNIX and Linux - summarized XML Java


Interrelated Information Technology Curriculum

Database MS Networks Web Servers


Curriculum - Software Companies which utilize UNIX, Linux, and Open Source Software

Oracle Software - Oracle Corporation WebLogic - Oracle Corporation
Db2 - IBM Corporation WebSphere and Rational - IBM Corporation

Enrollment requires a consultation with the manager sending the employee for the training. The prospective trainee needs to be qualified for the course and service transmission to the client location tested: bandwidth, firewall, base operating system, software requirements, web browser, and set up of machine exercises. SYS-ED reserves the right to deny enrollment in its courses.

Additional information can be obtained by completing the request form.