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In areas of information technology where there is a scarcity of industry standard textbooks and in hybrid areas of information technology, SYS-ED develops its own courseware for teaching. In addition to industry standard subject matter, courseware is augmented with examples, software updates, and answers to questions from the CETi knowledge base. Courseware design is based upon the standards and lesson plans of the New York State Department of Education.

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The textbooks extensions and training aids used in SYS-ED courses are being developed into a courseware as a learning center.

Application Development Maintenance Programming and Repurposing of Code

z/OS JCL - Basic

PL/1 Programming Language

Java Programming Db2 for Java Programmers
IBM RAD Application Development SQL Coding and Java Database Connectivity

Appointments can be scheduled by e-mail to review the subject matter.

Scarcity of Industry Standard Textbooks

IBM Mainframe Development Tools and Utilities
Assembler Programming COBOL Programming
CLISTs and REXX Programming DB2 for Java Programmers

Courseware Library

This is a subset of the courseware library utilized in SYS-ED brand courses. It provides for a sequential and unified presentation of information technology subject matter. Modular content can be combined from multiple handouts; course titles and major topics can be researched using the course search engine. Courseware is updated prior to use.

Client/Server Computer Applications Database IBM WebSphere and Open Source Software
Java Development Platform and Language Mainframe Mainframe Legacy Programming Languages Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools
MS Application Development MS Internetworking Open Source Software Oracle Database and Development Platform
Programming Languages UNIX and Linux Web Development and Internet Programming Web Servers