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SYS-ED courses are not intended for or available to the general public. They only are available to employees from Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, consulting companies, healthcare providers, and mid-sized businesses. Individuals attending such courses will be required to execute a statement acknowledging that the employer will be paying for the SYS-ED course and has a licensed version of the software. 

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Fundamentals & Operating Systems:: Basics   Fundamentals & Operating Systems:: Installation & Support
Fundamentals & Operating Systems:: Implementation   Fundamentals & Operating Systems:: Risk Management & Security
Networks:: Installation & Support   Networks:: Operations
Networks:: Implementation   Networks:: Web Servers
Networks:: Risk Management & Security   Internet:: Website Implementation
Application Development:: UNIX Programming   Application Development:: Java Enterprise Development
Enterprise Systems & Client/Server:: Database Administration   z/OS Mainframe:: IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ)
Other Mainframe:: Operating Systems   Other Mainframe:: Programming Skills
Db2:: Database Administration    

Invoking the course title will provide the topics and options for requesting additional information. Print directly from the screen.

Effective February 27, 2012, the course dates listed on the SYS-ED schedules only will be available based upon approved and authorized user ID.

Fundamentals & Operating Systems :: Basics  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCSYS49   Linux - Introduction (1 day)   $495 
UXLIN02   Red Hat Linux Essentials (4 days)   $1,980 
UXLIN08   Fedora Linux: Introduction (2 days)   $990 
UXLIN40   SUSE Linux Fundamentals (3 days)   $1,485 
UXLIN50   Ubuntu Linux Desktop for Users (1 day)   $495 
UXLIN61   SUSE Linux Enterprise: Fundamentals (3 days)   $1,485 
UXSYS01   Linux/UNIX Fundamentals - Level 1 (3 days)   $1,485 
UXSYS03   Linux/UNIX Fundamentals - Level 2 (3 days)   $1,485 
UXSYS12   UNIX and Linux - Introduction (4 days)   $1,980 
UXSYS13   Linux Desktop - Introduction (4 days)   $1,980 
UXSYS19   UNIX and Linux - Introduction - TC (4 days)   $1,980 
Fundamentals & Operating Systems :: Installation & Support  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCSY113   Linux Client Administration (2 days)   $990 
PCSY161   Linux Performance Monitoring and Tuning (3 days)   $1,785 
PCSY83   Linux Installation, Configuration, and Support (4 days)   $2,380 
UXLIN01   Red Hat Linux (4 days)   $1,980 
UXLIN44   SUSE Linux Troubleshooting (3 days)   $1,785 
UXLIN51   Ubuntu Linux Desktop Support (3 days)   $1,785 
UXSYS07   Linux for Support Personnel (2 days)   $1,190 
UXSYS16   UNIX and Linux: Optimization and Troubleshooting (4 days)   $2,380 
UXSYS33   UNIX, Linux, and MS Windows: Diagnostics and Tuning (3 days)   $1,785 
Fundamentals & Operating Systems :: Implementation  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCNE206   UNIX and Linux: Server Management (3 days)   $1,185 
UXLIN42   SUSE Linux Administration (4 days)   $2,380 
UXLIN43   SUSE Linux Administration - Advanced (3 days)   $1,785 
UXLIN60   SUSE Linux Enterprise: Administration (5 days)   $2,975 
Fundamentals & Operating Systems :: Risk Management & Security  
Course ID Course Title Fee
UXSYS24   UNIX and Linux: Security (4 days)   $2,380 
Networks :: Installation & Support  
Course ID Course Title Fee
UXLIN04   Red Hat Linux Enterprise Deployment and Systems Management (4 days)   $2,380 
Networks :: Operations  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCNET70   Linux TCP/IP Networking and Services (4 days)   $1,580 
Networks :: Implementation  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCNE205   Linux Network Internals (3 days)   $1,185 
UXLIN03   Red Hat Linux System Administration (4 days)   $1,980 
UXLIN05   Red Hat Linux Enterprise System Monitoring and Performance Tuning (3 days)   $1,785 
UXLIN06   Red Hat Linux Network Administration (4 days)   $1,980 
Networks :: Web Servers  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCSY114   Linux Server Management (2 days)   $990 
UXLIN45   SUSE Linux Server (4 days)   $1,495 
UXLIN52   Ubuntu Linux Server Administration (4 days)   $1,980 
UXSYS20   Linux Server Installation and Configuration (4 days)   $1,580 
Networks :: Risk Management & Security  
Course ID Course Title Fee
UXLIN07   Red Hat Linux Networking and Security Administration (4 days)   $2,380 
Internet :: Website Implementation  
Course ID Course Title Fee
UXLIN165   CentOS Linux (4 days)   $1,595 
Application Development :: UNIX Programming  
Course ID Course Title Fee
UXPRG01   Linux/UNIX Environment: C Programming (5 days)   $2,475 
UXPRG03   Linux/UNIX: Programming (4 days)   $2,280 
UXPRG04   Linux/UNIX: Programming - Advanced (4 days)   $1,980 
UXPRG05   Linux/UNIX: Shell Programming (3 days)   $1,485 
UXPRG06   Linux/UNIX: Shell Programming - Advanced (3 days)   $1,485 
UXPRG07   Linux/UNIX: Bourne Shell Programming (3 days)   $1,485 
UXPRG09   UNIX and Linux: Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
UXPRG10   Linux/UNIX: Korn Shell Programming (3 days)   $1,485 
UXPRG11   Linux/UNIX: Bash Shell Programming (3 days)   $1,485 
UXPRG13   REXX Scripting for Linux/UNIX - ooREXX (3 days)   $1,795 
UXSYS11   UNIX and Linux: Tools and Utilities (4 days)   $1,980 
UXSYS28   Linux/UNIX for Application Developers - Level 1 (3 days)   $1,485 
UXSYS29   Linux/UNIX for Application Developers - Level 2 (3 days)   $1,485 
WBDEV74   UNIX, Linux, and Win32 Networks: Perl Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
Application Development :: Java Enterprise Development  
Course ID Course Title Fee
WBDE150   Java in Linux (5 days)   $2,475 
Enterprise Systems & Client/Server :: Database Administration  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCEC213   MS SQL Server 2017: on Linux (3 days)   $1,495 
z/OS Mainframe :: IBM MQ (WebSphere MQ)  
Course ID Course Title Fee
MFMQS07   IBM MQ: (WebSphere MQ): System Administration Linux/UNIX (3 days)   $1,785 
MFMQS14   IBM MQ: (WebSphere MQ): Application Programming: Linux/UNIX (2 days)   $990 
Other Mainframe :: Operating Systems  
Course ID Course Title Fee
MFSYS13   z/VM and Linux Boot Camp (5 days)   $2,975 
Other Mainframe :: Programming Skills  
Course ID Course Title Fee
MFPRS32   TCP/IP: z/VM: Linux (4 days)   $2,780 
Db2 :: Database Administration  
Course ID Course Title Fee
MFRDB44   Db2: Database Administration - Linux (4 days)   $1,980