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SYS-ED courses are not intended for or available to the general public. They only are available to employees from Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, consulting companies, healthcare providers, and mid-sized businesses. Individuals attending such courses will be required to execute a statement acknowledging that the employer will be paying for the SYS-ED course and has a licensed version of the software. 

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z/OS Mainframe:: WebSphere MQ (MQSeries)    

Invoking the course title will provide the topics and options for requesting additional information. Print directly from the screen.

Effective February 27, 2012, the course dates listed on the SYS-ED schedules only will be available based upon approved and authorized user ID.

z/OS Mainframe :: WebSphere MQ (MQSeries)  
Course ID Course Title Fee
INPR2117   JMS: Java Message Service with WebSphere MQ (3 days)   $1,495 
MFMQS01   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries) - Introduction (2 days)   $1,290 
MFMQS02   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming (4 days)   $1,980 
MFMQS03   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Administration (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS04   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Administration - Advanced (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS05   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): System Administration: AIX (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS06   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): System Administration: Sun Solaris (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS07   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): System Administration Linux/UNIX (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS08   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): System Administration: z/OS (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS09   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): System Administration: z/OS - Advanced (2 days)   $1,290 
MFMQS10   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): System Administration: Windows (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS11   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming: Windows (2 days)   $990 
MFMQS12   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming: AIX (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS13   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming: z/OS (4 days)   $1,980 
MFMQS14   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming: Linux/UNIX (2 days)   $995 
MFMQS15   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Design (2 days)   $1,290 
MFMQS16   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Clustering - Design and Architecture (4 days)   $1,980 
MFMQS18   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Integrator (4 days)   $1,980 
MFMQS19   WebSphere MQ Debugging Techniques on Distributed Platforms for Administrators (3 days)   $1,695 
MFMQS20   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Workflow - Introduction (1 day)   $795 
MFMQS21   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming: .NET (3 days)   $1,485 
MFMQS22   WebSphere MQ (MQSeries): Application Programming: Java (3 days)   $1,980 
MFMQS23   MQ Everyplace (3 days)   $1,595