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DURATION: 4 days

FEE: $2,380


  • Support Personnel
  • Webmaster
  • Programmer


  • EJB in enterprise development
  • Component-based application
  • EJB architecture
  • Java API
  • Locating remote objects
  • JDBC
  • Application deployment using EJB
  • EJB server options
  • XML deployment descriptors
  • Session beans
  • Stateless/stateful session
  • Client-side interaction
  • Entity beans
  • Entity bean structure
  • CMP: Container-managed persistence
  • BMP: Bean-managed persistence
  • Managing transactions
  • Monitoring transactions form EJB
  • Implementing message-driven EJB
  • Asynchronous messaging
  • Container services
  • Security and web interaction
  • EJB security
  • Web applications - building with EJB

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