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PC Applications and Software as a Service Microsoft Operating Systems, Networks, and Internetworking Scripting, Web Apps to Web 2.0, and Web Servers Client/Server and Internet Programming Mainframe Operations, Programming, and System Software

These information technology training programs have been designed for the employees of Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, and healthcare providers. Presentation of content can be in a distance-learning, web-based, classroom instruction, or blended technology driven format. Programs can be combined and augmented with subject matter from the course search engine inclusive of technology updates. At the client's discretion, pre and post course assessment, record of completed assignments, grading system, and a final examination can be utilized. The client makes the final determination on the content and program duration.

Technology assessments and learning paths have been provided for emerging areas of information technology.

PC Applications and Software as a Service

MS Word Training Program MS Excel Training Program MS PowerPoint Training Program MS Access and Database Training Program

Microsoft Operating System, Networks, and Internetworking

MS Operating System Workstations Training Program MS Servers Training Program MS SharePoint Server Training Program MS Scripting Training Program

UNIX Fundamentals Training Program UNIX - Solaris Operations and Network Administration Training Program UNIX and Linux Scripting and Programming Training Program UNIX Application Development Training Program

UNIX - Solaris and Red Hat Linux - Comparison Red Hat and Fedora Linux Training Program SUSE Linux Training Program Ubuntu Linux Training Program

An executive initiative has been undertaken to commit the resources for presenting and teaching pathways to certifications for Microsoft and Linux internetworking. SYS-ED's MS and Linux training programs and course search engine entries - learning paths, technology assessments, and state of the software will be updated in the fourth quarter of 2018. Information also will be on SYS-ED software-specific websites.

Scripting, Web Apps to Web 2.0, and Web Servers

Client-side Scripting Training Program Mobile Device Programming - Learning Path 1 Mobile Devices Web Servers 2

Client/Server and Internet Programming

DB2 for Java Developers Training Program Java Language Training Program C++ Programming Language Training Program MS Visual C++ Training Program

Oracle Web Server for Administrators and Developers Training Program Oracle Database Administrator Training Program Oracle Database for Developers Training Program Oracle Java Developer Training Program

MS SQL Server Training Program MS VB.NET Training Program MS C# Training Program MS Visual Basic Training Program

Mainframe Operations, Programming, and System Software

Mainframe Entry Level Training Program Operations and Systems Programming Training Program Assembler Language Training Program COBOL Programming Language Training Program
PL/1 Language Training Program Rational Developer for System z CICS Transaction Server Training Program DB2 Training Programs

Rate Structure

The cost for a training program is based upon the technical subject matter, delivery medium, number of employees to be trained, and duration. For programs which have a significant machine workshop component, the  recommendation is that class size be restricted to 16 students. Industry standard content, inclusive of program durations, are provided.

The initial base charge is for a class size of up to 6 students with an incremental rate schedule for larger class sizes: I - 7th through 12th student, II- 13th through 20 student. There also is an incremental charge for private classroom instruction which has been extended to include distance-learning and virtual classrooms in multiple locations.

The aggregate cost of a program is the base daily rate and the incremental costs based upon the number of students attending the program, multiplied by the program duration: days or weeks. An incremental rate table provides the costs associated with different class sizes and the average cost per student. It also can be used for comparison pricing.

Footnote 1:

The lesson plan for the mobile device training program is developed from client-specific requirements: 1- mobile device operating system or web browser, 2- database, 3- web server or middleware platform 4- programming language, API, or development platform.

There are both proprietary and open source operating systems and development languages, APIs, and platforms: 1- Apple iPhone and iPad or Microsoft Phone/Surface tablet and open source Google Android smartphones and tablets. In addition, there now are native applications being developed with HTML5 which will execute in a web browser independent of the mobile device platform.

Footnote 2:

The lesson plan for a training program will be tailored to the client-specific web server platform: commercial or OSS: Open Source Software.