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Alternative to the Information Technology Training Offered by the Software Companies

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Longstanding Consultancy Experience in Information Technology

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SYS-ED has the experience and resources to address a variety of information technology training requirements.

Cross Platform Expertise

SYS-ED possesses cross platform expertise in commercial and open source computer applications: Apple Mac and mobile devices, internetworking, UNIX and Linux, web servers, programming languages, IBM mainframe systems, client-server programming, Microsoft development platforms, Oracle platform, and web development and Internet programming.

Experienced Staff

SYS-ED's staff of system consultants average over 30 years of experience in information technology. They understand the real world use of software and accept the challenges in teaching information technology subject matter and providing support services.

Delivery Medium

SYS-ED's offers a web-based training course schedule and related services. Client organizations are presented with a palette of delivery medium to select from in order to address operational, time compression, and validation assessment requirements.

Private Courses

Private courses can be delivered at a client site training facility or a virtual classroom. These courses will be tailored to specific training needs and operational objectives.

Training Programs

Courses can be taken standalone or as integrated training programs.

SYS-ED Schedule

SYS-ED has been conducting courses in the public domain since 1980; however, there have been changes in the laws and regulations governing computer training in the state of New York. The schedule on our websites reflects a projected time frame for licensure with the New York State Department of Education - Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision and submission and approval of curriculum.