Training at the Client Location - Cost Analysis

Training at the Client Location - Cost Analysis

2 - Training at the Client Location - Cost Analysis


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Technology Driven IT Training

Technology Driven IT Training

Web-based Training Services

Web-based Training Services

Traditional Classroom Training

Classroom Instruction

2 - Budgeted Cost: Training at Client Location

The Base Course Rate is dependent upon the technical complexity of the course and the number of employees attending the training.

There are two standard base course rates:

The Total Training Expense will incorporate client decisions on the instructor's travel and selection of the courseware. In most situations, there will be no charge associated with the courseware.

There is an alternative fee structure for class sizes smaller than 6 employees.

Course Fee

Base Course Rate      
Course Duration Daily Rate Course Fee

Incremental Rate Structure Based Upon Class Size
  Incremental Charge for Each Additional Student # of Extra Students Total for Extra Students

Base Course Fee - Summary

Instructor Travel Expenses

Roundtrip Transportation to Client Location
Advanced Fare - Greater than 28 days notice

14 days Advanced Purchase - Low Range
14 days Advanced Purchase - High Range
Fewer than 7 days notice

Roundtrip Ground Transportation # of Days Daily Rate
or Expense
Car Rental or Taxi
Gasoline Charges
Roundtrip for Airport Transportation

Hotel/Motel - Client Recommendation - Includes Tax # of Days Daily Rate Total

Per Diem Living Allowance or Client Standard # of Days Daily Rate Total

Travel Expenses - Summary

Manual/Course Material Number of Copies Price Per Copy Total
SYS-ED Course Handout
1 Master Copy in PDF format

Total Training Expense