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Volume Discounts and Class Coupon Books

The SYS-ED Advantage Whether interested in training two students or fifty, SYS-ED has a training option for your organization.

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Multiple Student Discount

Send 3 people to the same course and receive a 5% discount, 4 people a 10% discount, 5 people a 15% discount. A simple and immediate cost reduction.

Class Coupon Books

Realize savings by pre-purchasing SYS-ED's Class Coupon Books. Your company purchases a prepaid coupon book for $20,000 which entitles the firm to 50 days of instruction in the 8 qualifying schedules. Coupon books are valid for eighteen months after issue date and are registered to your company. Your firm only gets billed once, cutting down on paperwork and approval time.

Dedicated Classes

Schedule a class dedicated to your organization, at our location or yours; this will significantly reduce the cost per student. Rates are based on the technical complexity of the course, the number of students in the dedicated class, and the frequency that the private training sessions are scheduled. Another advantage is that the course content can be tailored to a group's specific operational requirements. Class Coupon Books can be used to pay for dedicated private courses.

Warranty of Service

SYS-ED warranties the quality of its training service. Students who have not mastered the subject matter may repeat the course.

MS Application Development


Oracle WebLogic

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Java WebSphere and Rational
MS Applications MS .NET
Oracle WebLogic

This ticket entitles the bearer to 1 full day of application development training.

The total value of this coupon book is $20,000.00. Each day of course instruction has a face value of $400.00.


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