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SYS-ED courses are not intended for or available to the general public. They only are available to employees from Fortune 1000 companies, government municipalities, consulting companies, healthcare providers, and mid-sized businesses. Individuals attending such courses will be required to execute a statement acknowledging that the employer will be paying for the SYS-ED course and has a licensed version of the software. 

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Fundamentals and Operating Systems:: Installation and Support   Business Applications:: Word Processing
Business Applications:: Database   Networks:: Application Programming
Internet:: Web Authoring and Client-side Scripting   Application Development:: Windows Programming
Application Development:: .NET Programming   Application Development:: UNIX Programming
Application Development:: Mobile Device Programming   Enterprise Systems and Client/Server:: Database

Invoking the course title will provide the topics and options for requesting additional information. Print directly from the screen.

Effective February 27, 2012, the course dates listed on the SYS-ED schedules only will be available based upon approved and authorized user ID.

Fundamentals and Operating Systems :: Installation and Support  
Course ID Course Title Fee
INPR100   Windows Batch Language Scripting (1 day)   $595 
Business Applications :: Word Processing  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCWPW06   MS Word: VBA Programming (3 days)   $1,185 
Business Applications :: Database  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCDBS03   MS Access: VBA Programming (3 days)   $735 
PCDBW28   MS Visual FoxPro Programming (2 days)   $995 
PCDBW29   MS Visual FoxPro Programming - Advanced (2 days)   $995 
Networks :: Application Programming  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCNE178   MS Windows Server: WMI Scripting (2 days)   $990 
PCNE198   MS Windows PowerShell (3 days)   $1,185 
PCNE204   MS Windows: Scripting Administrative Tasks (5 days)   $1,975 
PCPRG75   MS Windows Vista for Software Developers (5 days)   $1,975 
Internet :: Web Authoring and Client-side Scripting  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCINT08   MS VBScript (2 days)   $595 
Application Development :: Windows Programming  
Course ID Course Title Fee
CSPRG03   MS C++: COM and ActiveX Programming (3 days)   $1,485 
INPRG08   MS Visual Basic: Internet Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
INPRG12   MS ASP: Active Server Page Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
INPRG13   MS ASP: Database Programming (2 days)   $790 
MSPRG18   MS Visual Basic and COM+ Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG19   MS Visual Basic: Web Development (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG20   MS SQL Server: Multitier Applications Programming with MS Visual Basic (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG21   MS Visual Basic 6: Enterprise Applications (5 days)   $1,975 
PCPRG06A   MS Visual C++ Programming with MFC (4 days)   $1,980 
PCPRG06B   MS Windows: Programming with C++ and MFC (5 days)   $2,475 
PCPRG07A   MS Visual C++ Programming with MFC - Advanced (4 days)   $1,980 
PCPRG07B   MS Windows: Programming with C++ and MFC - Advanced (3 days)   $1,485 
PCPRG08   MS Visual C++: ODBC (4 days)   $1,980 
PCPRG09   MS Visual C++: ActiveX (4 days)   $1,980 
PCPRG10   MS VBA: Visual Basic for Applications (4 days)   $1,580 
PCPRG11   MS Visual Basic Programming (3 days)   $1,485 
PCPRG12   MS Visual Basic Programming - Advanced (3 days)   $1,485 
PCPRG13   MS Visual Basic: ODBC (2 days)   $790 
PCPRG14   MS Visual Basic: ActiveX (2 days)   $790 
PCPRG16   MS Windows 95/98: Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
PCPRG17   MS Windows 95/98 Programming - Advanced (3 days)   $1,185 
PCPRG20   MS Windows: Programming with C and Win32 (5 days)   $1,975 
PCPRG22   MS Windows: Services Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
PCPRG23   MS Windows: Programming with C and Win32 - Advanced (5 days)   $1,975 
PCPRG24   MS VBA Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
PCPRG37   MS Windows - DNA: N-tier Application Development (4 days)   $1,580 
PCPRG38   MS Visual Basic 6: Web Development (5 days)   $1,975 
PCPRG41   MS COM+ Programming with C++ and ATL (4 days)   $1,980 
PCPRG44   MS Win32 Systems and Network Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
Application Development :: .NET Programming  
Course ID Course Title Fee
MSPR100   MS VB.NET: Migration - Overview (1 day)   $495 
MSPR102   MS VB.NET: Migration from Visual Basic 6 (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG01   MS Visual Studio (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG05   MS ASP.NET - Introduction (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG05B   MS ASP.NET - Intermediate (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG06   MS ASP.NET - Advanced (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG07   MS ASP.NET: Web Services and Database (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG08   MS ASP.NET: Enterprise Web Development (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG09   MS ADO.NET: Developing Applications for MS SQL Server (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG100   MS F# Programming (3 days)   $1,495 
MSPRG11   MS VB.NET: N-tier Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG150   AOP in MS .NET (2 days)   $1,090 
MSPRG23   MS VB.NET: Building Multitier Applications (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG25   MS VB.NET: Concepts and Facilities (2 days)   $790 
MSPRG26   MS VB.NET: Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG27   MS VB.NET: Programming - Advanced (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG28   MS VB.NET: XML Web Services (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG33   MS C# Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG34   MS .NET: Application Development (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG34B   MS .NET: Programming - Introduction (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG35   MS COM+ Applications: .NET Enterprise Services (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG37   MS Visual .NET: Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG39   MS .NET: Fundamentals (2 days)   $790 
MSPRG40   MS C# Programming - Advanced: WFC and Multithreading (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG74   MS .NET: Object Oriented Design Patterns (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG75   MS .NET Solution Architectures: Analyzing Requirements (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG77   MS C# Migration (3 days)   $1,185 
MSPRG79   MS C# Object Oriented Design Patterns (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG81   MS C# Programming - Advanced (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG86   MS VB.NET: Web Development with MS ASP.NET (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG87   MS ADO.NET: Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG94   MS C#: XML Web Services (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG95   MS ASP.NET and ASP/Db2 (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG96   MS .NET: Developing GUI and Smart Client Applications (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG97   MS Visual Basic 2005 Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
MSPRG98   MS VB.NET: Building Object Oriented Applications (4 days)   $1,580 
MSPRG99   MS .NET: Enterprise Web Development (4 days)   $1,580 
PCPRG76   MS Visual C++ 2005: Developing C++/CLI Applications (4 days)   $1,980 
WBDE105   MS .NET: Building XML Web Services (4 days)   $1,580 
WBDEV44   MS ASP.NET - Enterprise Web Development: Visual Studio and ADO (5 days)   $1,975 
Application Development :: UNIX Programming  
Course ID Course Title Fee
WBDEV73   TCP/IP Programming: Sockets and WinSock Distributed Application Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
WBDEV74   UNIX, Linux, and Win32 Networks: Perl Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
Application Development :: Mobile Device Programming  
Course ID Course Title Fee
INPR104   MS Windows Mobile Managed Application Development (3 days)   $1,595 
INPR106   MS Windows Phone Application Development (4 days)   $1,580 
INPR107   MS Silverlight for the Windows Phone (3 days)   $1,185 
INPR116   MS Windows 8: Application Development (4 days)   $1,580 
INPR117   MS Windows 8: Style Apps Programming (formerly Metro) (3 days)   $1,185 
INPR126   MS Windows Phone Development: Fundamentals (2 days)   $995 
INPR127   MS Windows Phone Application Development - Advanced (3 days)   $1,495 
Enterprise Systems and Client/Server :: Database  
Course ID Course Title Fee
PCEC131   MS SQL Server 2000: Transact-SQL Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
PCEC142   MS SQL Server: Programming (5 days)   $1,975 
PCEC159   MS SQL Server 2005: Programming with ADO (4 days)   $1,580 
PCEC160   MS SQL Server 2005: Programming (4 days)   $1,580 
PCEC203   MS SQL Server 2008: Programming with ADO (4 days)   $1,580