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Questions have been submitted in conjunction with and as a follow-up to SYS-ED information technology training services. Questions also have been submitted through SYS-ED and CETi technology partner websites.

The SYS-ED knowledge base is a service for answering questions, inclusive of the aggregation, analysis, and validation of the accuracy of information in the public domain. Where possible, citation of source documentation, examples, and code snippets are provided as part of answering the questions. CETi also aggregates and reviews questions and answers in the public domain and available on source software company and purveyor of open source software websites.

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Linux and UNIX
Programming Skills
Programming Languages
Mainframe Utilities and Development Tools
COBOL Language
Java Language
REXX Language
SAS Language
XML Platform
IBM CICS Transaction Server
IBM Db2 / DB2 Relational Database
IMS Transaction Server - Hierarchical Database
IBM WebSphere and Rational
IBM MQ Middleware
Information Builder - FOCUS and WebFOCUS