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Who is SYS-ED
SYS-ED is a multi-faceted computer training company offering a comprehensive range of training services: courseware development, instructor-led courses, web-based training, private training, instructor placement and integrated training programs. We offer courses in applications, networking, web servers,
programming languages, databases, Internet programming, and mainframe systems software.

SYS-ED is committed to:

  • researching, evaluating, and testing software in emerging areas of information technology.
  • helping organizations develop specialized expertise in applications and systems software.
  • enabling IT professionals to remain state-of-the-art and be more successful at their jobs.
  • providing midsized and small businesses with the skillset to utilize software technologies for improving employee productivity and growing their businesses.

To become a recognized source of excellence in technical training requires more than commitment, investment, and dedication. It requires the constant questioning and reassessment of how people learn. This is the philosophy which underlies the SYS-ED way of doing business.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing shifts the emphasis from locally managed server-client installations and information technology related services to externally located web-accessible computing centers consisting of thousands of servers. However, there is no single uniform precise definition of cloud computing and there are different types of clouds. The new hardware, software languages, development platforms, and scalable enterprise databases reflect competitive and evolutionary forces of commercial software providers, open source software alternatives, and intellectual property laws in a global economy. SYS-ED staff and CETi Technology Partners have been involved in the coding and implementation of each successive generation of IT infrastructure. Our training services in hybrid and interrelated information technology are highly respected by software and consulting companies for their application developers and clients.

Open Source Software
Computer Education Techniques researches and analyzes FOSS: Free open source alternatives to commercial software - web browsers, operating systems, web servers, database, and business intelligence software. The SYS-ED training service supports the open source standards serving as a low cost alternative to commercial software. Professional course instruction and quality courseware promote innovation and opportunity in information technology. Technology updates and market assessments are distributed through SYS-ED software specific websites.

Evolving Business Model
For the better part of a quarter century we have committed the resources and effort to gather, examine, analyze, and research content and create documentation, diagrams, examples, and sample programs. This knowledge base has been incorporated into our courseware and utilized in SYS-ED instructor-led courses. We are being very selective in our evaluation of authoring systems and presentation technology to be utilized in our web-based training services. The service will provide content structured for learning which is programmatically updated and distributed.

Knowledge Base
The Computer Education Techniques knowledge base is a service for answering questions inclusive of the research and validation of the accuracy of information in the public domain. Citation of source documentation and examples are used to provide answers to questions from SYS-ED clients.

Technology Driven IT Training
The interrelationships among technology, productivity, and training are complex. The selection of the delivery medium and staffing requires a clear distinction between training and educational consultancy. In the case of the latter, SYS-ED extends the presentation of content to include the analysis and interpretation of the software and the accompanying documentation. We incorporate coding standards into our examples and tailored workshops. This premium service includes ongoing support through our categorized and software specific websites.

Web-based Training Services
SYS-ED has extended its instructor-led courses to provide web-based presentation of IT subject matter. Delivery of content can be interactive with a subject matter expert, self-paced, or podcast. Client organizations are presented with a palette of medium to select from in order to address operational, time compression, and validation assessment requirements. Upon completion of an instructor-led course at the client location, it is standard policy to organize content for future utilization in a web-based training infrastructure.

Industry Leader
SYS-ED supports the new and emerging protocols and standards, inclusive of the maintenance and migration from first generation client/server platforms. SYS-ED staff and CETi Technology Partners have been leaders in implementing and teaching SOA: Service Oriented Architecture for the repurposing, extending, and web-enabling of an existing investment in legacy programming languages. Our programming languages and scalable database training is designed to achieve specific operational objectives.
Expanded Oracle, SAS, Linux- and UNIX- variant curriculum are available to meet the growing demand for specialized training and certification standards with these software technologies.

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SYS-ED Information TechnologyTraining Services

Information Technology Training

Programming Languages
SYS-ED specializes in fast-track legacy programming language courses - COBOL, Assembler Language, PL/1, REXX, and entry level training programs. Befitting a first generation computer training company, SYS-ED is committed to supporting the longstanding mainframe system software, programming languages, and utilities which have evolved to operate on multiple platforms: Microsoft Windows, UNIX- and Linux- variants, and web enablement technologies -.NET, Java, and web apps for mobile devices.

SYS-ED mainframe courses - z/OS, z/VM, VM/VSE, VSAM, CICS, DB2, IMS, and WebSphere MQ family - correspond to IBM's content. Our staff and technology partners teach tailored subject matter in mainframe software which serves as the foundation for IBM's information agenda-initiative and turns information into a strategic asset. SYS-ED programming skills, programming languages, and mainframe utilities and development tools are taught in multiple delivery medium: classroom instruction, distance-learning, and courseware as a learning center.

Our longstanding experience as integrators of systems software places us on the leading edge of middleware and web enablement training. We offer training services on the open source and commercial web server software: Apache, Oracle, WebLogic, WebSphere, and IIS. SYS-ED staff are recognized experts on IBM's major cross platform system software: WebSphere MQ and DB2.

Training Programs
SYS-ED offers a comprehensive range of training programs and boot camps for 1- information technology professionals: mainframe operations and system programming, Assembler Language, PL/1, COBOL, CICS, .NET, Oracle, and Java 2- support personnel and webmasters: website development, web servers, UNIX- and Linux- variants, and Microsoft operating systems and internetworking
3- business professionals: operating systems, MS Office, open source software, web apps, software as a service, and scripting.

Courseware for Teaching
The SYS-ED courseware library spans the onset of modern data processing and includes examples, training aids, case studies, skeleton programs, and industry-specific exercises. It has been developed by technologist entrepreneurs, consultants out in the field, professional textbook authors, and the collective efforts of our staff. It is highly valued; especially in legacy mainframe software and programming languages where there is a scarcity of up to date textbooks and open source software where the documentation is less comprehensive than commercial counterparts. This courseware is being migrated for utilization in technology enabled training environments. The subject matter will be available in M-learning and HTML5 open standards on mobile devices.

SYS-ED's Clients
SYS-ED has developed an international client base in providing tailored knowledge transfer and information technology training services. Fortune 1000 corporations, government municipalities, healthcare providers, consulting companies, and software companies have used SYS-ED.

SYS-ED trained a significant number of the first generation of data processing and business professionals in the 1980s. We look forward to the opportunity and challenge of training their successors in the 21st century. Albeit, with a more comprehensive set of delivery medium in hybrid and interrelated software environments.

Information Technology Training Services

SYS-ED websites compile, organize, and present industry standard and software specific categorizations of information technology. They provide a framework for assessing knowledge transfer: learning paths, courseware, distance-learning, web-based training, classroom instruction with a subject matter expert, and training aids.